Live With Kelly Recap December 21, 2011


Live With Kelly December 21, 2011

Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Seth Meyers wore four different outfits over the course of today’s show. That’s a lot of costume changes for a live show. But with Kelly Ripa and the show’s staff on vacation for the holidays, the variety of vibrant dresses showcased in these encore segments really stands out. Click the links below to read about each segment featured in today’s broadcast.

Live With Kelly Ripa Recap December 21 2011

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Live With Kelly: Seth Meyers & Kelly Ripa Co-Host

When Saturday Night Live star Seth Meyers joined Kelly Ripa at the co-host desk, they talked about the hidden dangers of holiday decorating, and Seth Meyers introduced his new Italian Greyhound dog, named Frisbee.

Live With Kelly: Seth Meyers Co-Hosts With Kelly Ripa

Live With Kelly: Robert Pattinson & Water For Elephants

Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson brought his family to the show. He talked about ending the blockbuster Twilight film franchise and discussed his recent movie Water For Elephants.


Live With Kelly: Robert Pattinson, Twilight & Water For Elephants

Live With Kelly: Jennifer Connelly & The Dilemma

Movie star Jennifer Connelly talked about her recent pregnancy and new daughter with husband and actor Paul Bettany. She also discussed the ethical situation at the heart of her film The Dilemma.

Live With Kelly: Jennifer Connelly & The Dilemma

Live With Kelly: Lauren Graham & Parenthood

TV star Lauren Graham shared stories from her summer vacation and talked about her family drama Parenthood.

Live With Kelly: Lauren Graham & Parenthood

Live With Kelly: Swamp Brothers

Discovery Channel stars the Swamp Brothers brought a variety of animals to interact with Kelly Ripa and Seth Meyers, including a baby panther, an opossum, a Burmese python, and an alligator.

Live With Kelly: Swamp Brothers & Seth Meyers


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