Jenny McCarthy & Cat Deeley: Live With Kelly August 15 2012 Recap


Live With Kelly August 15 2012

Bryant Gumbel returned as Kelly Ripa’s co-host for Live With Kelly August 15 2012. This episode included encore presentations of their recent interviews with TV personalities Jenny McCarthy and Cat Deeley. Dr Wendy Bazalian offered tips to keep grilling healthy, and Miss USA Olivia Culpo talked about her victory. Take a look back at Live With Kelly August 15 2012.

Live With Kelly: Bryant Gumbel Vs Kelly Ripa Marriage

Bryant Gumbel returned as co-host for Live With Kelly August 15 2012. The hosts lamented the rapid passing of summer, and Kelly observed that she and Mark Conseulos have now been married for more years than they spent in school: 16 years.


“If you asked me, I would say we’ve been married three years,” she said. “It doesn’t seem that long.”

Bryant Gumbel said the combined length of his marriages is 35 years; he and his current wife Hilary have been together for 10 years.

Kelly Ripa: Personality, Genetics & Lifespan

Jenny McCarthy: Live With Kelly August 15 2012 Recap

From "Love in the Wild," Jenny McCarthy was among the guests on Live With Kelly August 15 2012. (Featureflash /


“People who laugh the most and are the happiest tend to live the longest,” Kelly said, reporting a study from the Journal of Aging.

Bryant said that made sense because those people would spend less time feeling down or developing bad habits such as overeating or not working out.

Live With Kelly: Soul Cycle Vs VersaClimber

Kelly said she gets a boost from working out, while Bryant said he has yet to find joy in exercising.

She recommended SoulCycle classes, which she called “a disco on a bike.” Bryant said he prefers working out alone, using the VersaClimber. He speculated that men work out for weight loss, while Kelly suspected that women like it to quiet their minds and get the endorphin rush.

Mark Conseulos exercises on a cycling team, and Kelly said his outfit is pornographic, confessing that he shaves his legs before a race. Kelly and Bryant could agree on the Elliptical Machine, and Bryant admitted he sometimes just works out on the stairs in his building.

Bryant Gumbel: Cleaning Fairy

Bryant Gumbel mentioned the story of the Cleaning Fairy in Ohio, a burglar who breaks into people’s homes, cleans them, and leaves a bill behind for her services. The woman, Susan Warren, wasn’t stealing anything during these sessions, but was billing $75 per hour.

Kelly offered to bail her out, because cleaning services are much more expensive in New York City. Bryant agreed that her rate was a bargain, and the hosts disputed her charges for felony burglary.

Live With Kelly: Hotel Hygiene

Meanwhile, Best Western hotels are stepping up their cleaning procedures. Kelly said she sometimes travels with her own cleaning supplies. Bryant said he doesn’t worry about germs in hotel rooms or on bedspreads. Kelly described her detailed, neurotic cleaning procedures to an incredulous Bryant.

Kelly Ripa: Tennis for the Blind

Kelly said that tennis is being adapted for blind players, who can use special balls to hear where a tennis ball is. There are also successful blind golfers, according to Bryant. Guiding Eyes for the Blind does an annual tournament. Kelly said she once got an F in Golf, which is “next to impossible.”

Jenny McCarthy: “Love in the Wild” & New Boyfriend

On “Live With Kelly” August 15, we looked back at an interview from earlier in the summer with television personality Jenny McCarthy. Jenny, who began her career as a Playboy Playmate, is an actress, model, television host, activist, and mom to son Evan. Jenny’s latest project is the NBC reality dating show “Love in the Wild.” The show finds couples going head-to-head in adventurous– and dangerous– challenges, all in the name of love. With the hosts, Jenny discussed filming the show in the Dominican Republic, her son’s recent tenth birthday party, and her new boyfriend, Chicago Bears line backer Brian Urlacher.

Live With Kelly: Jenny McCarthy “Love in the Wild” Interview

Kelly Ripa: Cat Deeley “So You Think You Can Dance” & UNICEF

Cat Deeley is a British model and television host of the FOX dance competition “So You Think You Can Dance,” which is now in its ninth season. Cat also joined Kelly and Bryant on “Live With Kelly” August 15, discussing her reality television projects, her boyfriend, comedian Patrick Kielty, and being a UNICEF ambassador.

Live With Kelly: Cat Deeley of “So You Think You Can Dance”

Kelly Ripa: Miss USA Winner Olivia Culpo

At the Miss USA pageant earlier this year, Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo took home the top prize. The newly minted Miss USA, and Boston University sophomore, chatted with the hosts on “Live With Kelly” August 15. Olivia also showed Kelly how to master the perfect pageant walk.

Live With Kelly: Miss USA Olivia Culpo Interview

Dr. Wendy Bazilian: Healthy Grilling Tips

Also on “Live With Kelly” August 15, we e-visited a healthy grilling segment with Dr. Wendy Bazilian. Dr. Bazilian offered up some great tips for your summer grill parties, including delicious substitutions for unhealthy foods such as hot dogs. Need some grilling ideas? Check out Live’s Grilling with the Stars Recipes.

Live With Kelly: Dr. Wendy Bazilian Healthy Grilling Tips


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