Live!: Ted Danson, Martina McBride Recipe + La Roux Kiss and Not Tell


Kelly & Michael: October 7 2014

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had a great day on October 7 2014. Ted Danson came by to talk about his role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and he was really funny throughout his interview. Country star Martina McBride also stopped by to share her pumpkin gingersnap cheesecake recipe with Kelly & Michael. And La Roux came by Live! With Kelly & Michael to perform her song “Kiss and Not Tell” and to explain what La Roux really means. It was a really fun day.

Kelly & Michael: College Meeting, Rolls Royce + Willie Nelson

Kelly & Michael started the morning by talking about their nights last night. Kelly went to her first college meeting for her son, which was very surreal for her. She kept flashing back to when he son was a baby. Michael, on the other hand, went to dinner with his Rolls Royce friends at the Yacht Club, which Kelly has also been to.


–> Willie Nelson auctioned off his braids.

Kelly & Michael: Ted Danson 'CSI'

Ted Danson talked to Kelly & Michael about his role on ‘CSI’ and his attempt at beekeeping. (Joe Seer /

Kelly & Michael: Dallas, Mayor Bloomberg Knighted + Jeffrey Holder

Kelly & Michael then talked about how the show Dallas, which is a remake of the original, has been canceled after three years, but there’s a petition for CBS to bring it back. They also talked about how Mayor Bloomberg was knighted by the Queen of England.


–> Actor Jeffrey Holder died.

Kelly & Michael: Ted Danson

Ted Danson came by to talk about his role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This is the 15th season for CSI, which is absolutely incredible, but it’s Danson’s fourth season. He actually went to observe an autopsy in Las Vegas in order to prepare for the role, and he said it was an unbelievable experience.

–> CSI airs on Sundays on CBS.

Kelly & Michael: Martina McBride

Country star Martina McBride, who’s nominated for a CMA award, also came by to share her pumpkin gingersnap cheesecake recipe from her cookbook Around the Table with Kelly & & Michael. Kelly hadn’t cooked from the book yet, but already knew she loved it.

–> Around the Table is available now.

Kelly & Michael: La Roux

Finally, the English synthopop act La Roux, who’s known for their song “Bulletproof,” which came out a few years ago, came by to perform the song “Kiss and Not Tell.” She also explained that her name means “Red Haired One,” but it’s actually the male form of the word.

–> La Roux’s new CD is available now.


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