Live!: Mark Consuelos, Julianne Hough, Josh Radnor + Paloma Faith


Kelyl & Michael: October 16 2014

Kelly Ripa had a great day on October 16 2014. Her husband Mark Consuelos stopped by to fill in as her co-host while Michael Strahan was away. Julianne Hough came by to talk about what it’s like to judge rather than dance on Dancing With The Stars while Josh Radnor came by to talk about his new Broadway play Disgraced. Plus, Paloma Faith stopped by to perform her song Only Love Can Hurt Like This. It was a really full and really fun day.

Kelly & Michael’s Inbox: Sleeping + Dog

Kelly & Mark ended the day by opening up the Inbox and reading fan messages. It’s Mark’s favorite part. One said that loved seeing them together and asked about their dog. She’s doing well. They showed a video of her getting her medication. Another said that her husband falls asleep, so she bought an extra remote. Another asked about Mark falling asleep. Season 2 of Alpha House will be available on October 24 2014 on Amazon.


Kelly & Michael: Mark Conseulos Co-Host

Mark Consuelos did an excellent job as Kelly’s co-host. The second season of ‘Alpha House’ will be on Amazon. (Helga Esteb /

Kelly & Michael: Mark Consuelos Co-Host + Neil Patrick Harris

Kelly & Mark started the day by talking about how Neil Patrick Harris is going to be hosting the Oscars in 2015. I am so excited for Harris to host the Oscars. I think he did a fantastic job every time he hosted the Tonys. They also talked about how much Mark loves napping.

–> There are products that can help you nap.


Kelly & Michael: World Series, Facebook + HBO

Kelly & Mark then talked about the Kansas City Royals making the playoffs and Mark trying to visit his childhood home. They also talked about how Mark actually learned how to speak English. Plus, parents are now responsible for what their kids post on their Facebooks.

–> HBO is going to start streaming.

Kelly & Michael: Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough came by to talk to Kelly & Mark about her new role as judge on Dancing With The Stars. She talked about how dancing is more physically challenging, but judging is hard too. She just has to be honest. She also talked about her hockey player boyfriend.

–> Dancing With The Stars airs on Mondays on ABC.

Kelly & Michael: Josh Radnor

Josh Radnor came by to talk about his Pulitzer Prize winning Broadway play Disgraced, which is about a dinner party on the Upper East Side where people say all of the political and cultural things you’re not supposed to say. He also talked about how he’s been working out more.

–> Disgraced is on Broadway now.

Kelly & Michael: Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith came by and gave an amazing performance of her new song “Only Love Can Hurt Like This.” It took her a while to decide to keep the song though because someone else wrote it and she’s determined to only use her own music, but she loved it so much that she kept it.

–> Her new CD A Perfect Contradiction is available now.


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