Live!: Kerry Washington Scandal Review + Bill O’Reilly Killing Patton


Kelly & Michael: September 23 2014

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan has a really interesting day on September 23 2014. Kerry Washington came by to talk about the new season of Scandal, though she wasn’t able to divulge too much. They’re really secretive about that show. Plus Bill O’Reilly came by to talk about his new book Killing Patton, and revealed who he really thought killed World War II General Patton. They were both really interesting interviews and it was a very fun day.

Kelly & Michael’s Inbox: Babies + Men & Women

Kelly & Michael ended the day by opening up the Inbox and reading fan messages. One said that there was a study for the most words used during the day between husbands and wives and the wives won by double because wives have to repeat everything. Another said that they watched the show while delivering their daughter. Another one said that their grandson said he was a little busy in the delivery room on his cell. Lastly, another said that men see life through a telescope and women see it thorough a microscope.


Kelly & Michael: Kerry Washington 'Scandal'

Kerry Washington came by to talk about the new season of ‘Scandal’ and her amazing fashion sense. (Helga Esteb /

Kelly & Michael: Baby, TV, Baby Buggy, Jenner Divorce + Memory

Kelly & Michael started the day by talking about how Kelly’s assistant was having a baby. They then talked a bit about TV such as the show Gotham, which premiered last night, and Ray Donovan. They then covered a bit of news about the Baby Buggy Event and Kris and Bruce Jenner’s divorce.

–> Women have better memories than men.


Kelly & Michael: Bruce Springsteen, Texting, Noises + Annabelle

Kelly & Michael then talked about Bruce Springsteen’s birthday and some news about texting. There will be a new texting police gun, and texting could cause tendinitis. They also covered what could be causing the noises in your attic, and Michael talked about how nobody would see the movie Annabelle with him.

–> The noises in your attic are most likely mice.

Kelly& Michael: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington came by to talk about the new season of her show Scandal, but she couldn’t really say much because they’re so secretive about it. In fact, she doesn’t even know what’s going to happen. She also talked about her style and the Emmy’s and Played “Washington’s Monuments.”

–> The season premiere of Scandal will air on September 25 2014.

Kelly & Michael: Bill O’Reilly

Finally, Bill O’Reilly came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about his new “Killing” book Killing Patton. He called Patton our best General, and said that he believes that Stalin killed Patton. He wants the investigation to be reopened. A car turned and slammed into Patton even though there was no reason for it to be turning.

–> Killing Patton is available now.


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