Live!: Josh Groban, Emma Stone Birdman, Suzanne Somers + Neon Trees


Kelly & Michael: October 15 2014

Kelly Ripa had a great day on October 15 2014. Josh Groban came in and filled in as Kelly’s co-host while Michael Strahan was away and did a fantastic job. Plus Emma Stone came by to talk about the movie Birdman, which looks amazing while Suzanne Somers talked about her 25th book, I’m Too Young For This. Then Neon Trees stopped by Live! With Kelly & Michael to perform their song “First Things First,” which had a great sound. It was a really full, but really fun day.

Kelyl & Michael: Josh Groban Co-Host, Rangers + Broad City

Kelly & Groban started off by talking about how great it was Groban was on the show. He talked about how early it was, which led them to talk about sleep schedules. They then talked about what they did last night. Groban went to a Rangers game while Kelly filmed an episode of Broad City.


–> Kelly doesn’t know when her episode will air yet.

Kelly & Michael: Josh Groban Co-Host

Josh Groban did an amazing job as Kelly Ripa’s co-host. (s_bukley /

Kelly & Michael: Dothraki, Lottery, Facebook + Multitasking

Kelly & Groban then talked about a new app that will teach you Dothraki, which is really cool. There was also a guy who shared his lottery winnings with his brother and a woman who had to lie about her age on Facebook because she was too old. Plus some teenagers work better when they multitask.


–> Kelly think girls are better multitaskers.

Kelly & Michael: Emma Stone

Emma Stone came by to talk to Kelly & Groban. She was actaully Groban’s first on-screen kiss. She also talked about her new movie Birdman, which looks amazing, and her upcoming role as Sally Bowles in the Broadway show Cabaret. Plus, she talked about her childhood gymnastics injury.

–> Birdman will be in theaters in New York and LA on October 17 2014.

Kelly & Michael: Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers came by to talk to Kelly & Groban about her new bestselling book I’m Too Young For This. She also talked about how she’s made her 47-year marriage work. This is actually her second marriage. She got pregnant and married at 17, but she got a divorce at 19.

–> I’m Too Young For This is available now.

Kelly & Michael: Neon Trees

Neon Trees also came by Live! With Kelly & Michael. They performed their new hit song “First Things First,” and did a really good job. I’m always really impressed by them. The lead singer also talked about how his mom made the pants that he’d been wearing, which I thought was awesome.

–> Neon Trees will be performing at the Beacon Theater tomorrow night.


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