Live!: Denzel Washington The Equalizer + Rosamund Pike Gone Girl


Kelly & Michael: September 24 2014

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had a really good day on September 24 2014. Denzel Washington came by to talk about his new movie The Equalizer, which is based on the TV show from the ’80s, and he was just as amazing as ever. People went nuts when he came in. I was especially excited for Rosamund Pike’s interview though, because I think her new movie Gone Girl looks really good, and it has an amazing case. She gave a great interview and was pretty hilarious. Overall it was a really fun day.

Kelly & Michael’s Inbox: Rosh Hashanah

Kelly & Michael ended the day by opening up the Inbox and reading fan messages. One said that she loved went to the pool and two little girls were playing “Kelly & Michael” in the water. What does that mean? Kelly loved it and Michael was pissed that it was two little girls.


Another said that Jerry Seinfeld has been in rap albums. Kelly also brought a picture of her dad playing peewee football. Another said that Kelly hasn’t said, “Call me,” in a long time. So she did it.

Another said that she uses a sating pillowcase because it stops wrinkles, but it also helps with hair. Another said that Kelly would make a great Judge Judy. Another said they love when Kelly refers to cross country as a track meet. Another person loved Kelly’s shoes.

Another talked about how she was her mom’s smallest baby. Tonight is Rosh Hashanah, so Kelly & Michael wished everyone a happy new year.


Check out the video here:

Kelyl & Michael: Denzel Washington 'The Equalizer'

Denzel Washington came by to talk about ‘The Equalizer’ and ‘Magnificent Seven.’ (Joe Seer /

Kelly & Michael: Baby + Baby Buggy

Kelly & Michael started their day by talking about their days yesterday. Kelly’s assistant Lauren gave birth to her baby Charlie yesterday, and Kelly actually snuck in to watch. She said it was beautiful. Michael, meanwhile, went to two events, including the Seinfelds’ Baby Buggy Fathers Initiative event.

–> You can donate to Baby Buggy.

Kelly & Michael: Field Hockey + Denzel Washington Orchid

Kelly then talked about how Lola had a field hockey game and Michael had a track meet yesterday, so Mark Consuelos went to the track meet while Kelly went to the field hockey game and Lola’s team actually scored for the first time ever and they even won at the last minute. Kelly wanted to take a picture, but Lola’s embarrassed of her phone.

–> Michael also thanked Denzel Washington and his wife for the orchid they gave him after his hall of fame induction.

Kelly & Michael: Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington came by to talk about his new movie The Equalizer, though he never actually saw the ’80s TV show it was based on. He also talked about his upcoming movie, the upcoming Magnificent Seven and how he has to learn to rise a horse, and how he doesn’t plan on going back to Broadway for a while.

–> The Equalizer will be in theaters on September 26 2014.

Kelly & Michael: Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike came by to talk about her new movie Gone Girl, which looks so good. It’s based on the best selling novel of the same name and is about a man, played by Ben Affleck, who is accused of murdering his missing wife, played by Pike. Pike also talked about her collection of airplane sick bags.

–> Gone Girl will be in theaters on October 3 2014.


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