Kevin Costner & Zac Efron: Live With Kelly August 22 2012 Recap


Live With Kelly August 22 2012

From Saturday Night Live, writer and comedian Seth Meyers returned as Kelly Ripa’s guest co-host on Live With Kelly August 22 2012. They took a look at some recent memorable interviews with Zac Efron and Kevin Costner, as well as Carley Roney, who shared some ideas for keeping kids entertained on those last minute summer road trips. Here’s what you missed on Live With Kelly August 22 2012.

Live With Kelly & Seth Meyers: Pacu Fish Eats Testicles

Saturday Night Live writer and comedian Seth Meyers was Kelly’s co-host. They chatted about a Pacu Fish discovered in Illinois. This is a species of fish that supposedly eats testicles, so you may not want to get in the water. Kelly showed a picture of the fish, which appeared to have human teeth (though they needed some better oral hygiene).


“It can weigh up to 55 pounds,” Seth reported incredulously. Officials through it was a Piranha, but in fact it was a Pacu. The report also said that two men were killed in 2011 after having their testicles attacked by one of these fish. It may not be safe to get back in the water after all.

Seth Meyers: Clutter & Couples

Seth shared a story about how couples have a different approach to clutter. Generally speaking, this study believes that women are more tidy, but men prefer having their stuff spread around. Some may feel that “a disorganized household signifies that home and family life are not a priority.”

Kevin Costner: Live With Kelly August 22 2012 Recap

From Hatfields & McCoys, Kevin Costner visited Live With Kelly August 22 2012. (s_bukley /


Kelly Ripa called out Live producer Michael Gelman as having a cluttered desk. “I want to straighten his desk, but I know that there’s some sort of weird method to his madness,” she said. “I want to take a bucket and just swoop everything off.”

Live With Kelly: Is Being a Neat Freak Genetic?

Seth said he keeps his workspace clear, but his drawers are cluttered. He said he feels threatened when his girlfriend suggests cleaning out his desk drawers. Kelly said she and her husband Mark Conseulos are both neat freaks, and they’ve passed that on to their children.

Kelly even admitted that Lola’s parent-teacher conference revealed that Lola keeps her own desk clean and will clean up after other students. Seth said his girlfriend is definitely a neat freak, and he has had to make a stand over small things like a coffee cup he keeps his change in.

Kelly Ripa: Sleeping With The Enemy Review

Mark’s compulsive labeling sounds like it’s out of control at the Conseulos home. All the silverware has labeled spots, for example. Seth said his girlfriend’s family did have to label their computer and phone chargers so they would stop stealing other people’s.

Julia Roberts’ Sleeping With The Enemy struck a chord with Mark and Kelly (for the wrong reasons!), who felt it was completely normal to keep all the cans facing forward in the cupboard. Seth said she probably thought Julia’s character was the enemy in the movie.

Kelly Ripa: Hoarders Review

Kelly said she also watches the series Hoarders as if it’s a horror film. She said she believes she can cure them, but has started to realize that it’s incurable. Kelly said she could clean out a hoarder’s house in just two hours, but she knows that it would just revert to its previous state.

Surf’s Up Summer Trivia: Transformers

Today’s trivia contestant was Holly Heffelfinger from Kingwood, Texas. She played for a vacation at St. Lucia’s Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort.

In what trilogy of action films did Shia LaBeouf star?

The answer was Transformers. An audience member also scored a Lenox China set.

Live With Kelly: Cutest Kid Search Finalists

Here are today’s Cutest Kid Search Finalists. You can vote for your favorites on the Live With Kelly website.

  • Caleb & Matthew Paddock, Dearborn, Michigan
  • Sophie Miller, Brentwood, Tennessee
  • Gracie Carter, Gulf Breeze, Florida
  • Griffin Galuppi, Oakdale, California
  • Rhys Cote, Wells, Maine
  • Ayden Kanelakos, Kansas City, Missouri

Zac Efron: The Lucky One

Actor Zac Efron talked about transitioning into more adult roles, such as The Lucky One. He and Seth Meyers reminisced about their past work together on Saturday Night Live and in the movie New Year’s Eve.

Live With Kelly: Zac Efron ‘The Lucky One’ Review & Navy SEAL Training

Kevin Costner: Hatfields & McCoys & Whitney Houston’s Eulogy

Actor Kevin Costner has spent years in memorable roles, and this spring he turned in another iconic performance with the History Channel series Hatfields & McCoys. He talked about working on the project with Bill Paxton and also the heartfelt eulogy he gave for onetime The Bodyguard co-star Whitney Houston early in 2012.

Live With Kelly: Kevin Costner “Hatfields & McCoys” Interview

Carley Roney: Road Trip Games

Carley Roney shared some ideas to keep kids entertained in the car, such as Thumb Wrestling and License Plate Bingo. Check out how her ideas went over with Kelly & Seth.

Live with Kelly: Seth Myers Co-Hosts Fleet Week Show


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