Kelly & Michael: Tyler Perry Gone Girl + Ana Gasteyer I’m Hip


Kelly & Michael: October 1 2014

Kelly & Michael had a really fun day on October 1 2014. Tyler Perry came by to talk about his work in the new movie adaptation of Gone Girl and also discussed his absolutely amazing 45th birthday party where Stevie Wonder even performed. Plus Ana Gasteyer came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about her work as a classically trained singer and performed the song “One Mint Julep.” She gave a mind blowing energetic and fun performance. It was a great hour.

Kelly & Michael’s Inbox: Heckling + Babies

Kelly & Michael ended the morning by opening up the inbox and reading fan messages. One said that he heckles when he goes to the games and watches at home, but he only heckles the officials. Another said that she just got married and their son only calms down when they’re on.


Kelly and Michael: Ana Gasteyer "One Mint Julep"

Ana Gasteyer came by to talk about being Grand Marshal and perform the song “One Mint Julep.” (Phil Stafford /

Kelly & Michael: Tethered, Hairball + Heckling

Kelly & Michael started the day by talking about how yet another one of Kelly’s friends is welcoming a new baby and how Kelly spent the day at the orthodontist with her kids. They then talked about a new show titled Tethered that’s basically survivor except you’re tied to someone, a girl that had a nine pound hairball, and the problems with heckling.

–> Someone was arrested for heckling Carmelo Anthony.


Kelly & Michael: Netflix Movies + Time is Illmatic

Kelly & Michael then talked about how there’s going to be a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel, but it’s going to be released in theaters and on Netflix at the same time, which I think is actually an amazing idea. I think that they should do this with every movie now.

–> Nas has a new documentary called Time is Illmatic.

Kelly & Michael: Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry came by to talk about his role in the new movie Gone Girl. He plays the suspected murderer Nick Dunne’s defense lawyer. He also talked about his amazing 45th birthday party and how excited he is to be expecting a new baby. He also talked about his friendship with Oprah.

–> Gone Girl will be in theaters on October 3 2014.

Kelly & Michael Ana Gasteyer

Comedian Ana Gasteyer came by to perform “One Mint Julep” off her first album I’m Hip on Live! With Kelly & Michael. Of course most people know her as a comedian and from her time on Saturday Night Live, but she’s also a classically trained singer and she gave an incredible performance.

–> I’m Hip is available now.


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