Kelly & Michael: Olivia Munn, Bow Wow Week & Mayor Cory Booker


Live! With Kelly & Michael July 8 2013 Recap

On Monday, July 8, Live! With Kelly & Michael welcomed guests Olivia Munn and Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker. Plus, Live’s Bow Wow Week officially kicked off. For more information on each segment, click the links below.

Kelly & Michael: Andrea Arden Tips For Puppy Adoption

Kelly & Michael: Olivia Munn, Bow Wow Week & Mayor Cory Booker

Kelly & Michael July 8 featured “The Newsroom” star Olivia Munn, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, and Bow Wow Week. (s_bukley /


Kelly & Michael kicked off Bow Wow Week with dog trainer Andrea Arden, who brought along some of the most adorable puppies around. Kelly adopted her dog, Chuy, during Bow Wow Week, so you might find your next furry friend, too!

Andrea emphasized that adopting a pet is a huge responsibility that should never be taken lightly. When choosing a dog breed, consider factors like grooming requirements, activity levels, allergies, size, and whether a breed is a good choice for families. For more helpful tips, tune in all this week during Live’s Bow Wow Week. Andrea Arden will return on Thursday, July 11.

Kelly’s Paris Vacation, Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion & Elisha Cuthbert Married

On their first show since Fourth of July vacation, Kelly & Michael had lots of great stories to share. Kelly discussed her trip to Paris with Mark and Joaquin, and Michael revealed that he partied all weekend in the Hamptons. Plus, news on Elisha Cuthbert’s marriage to Dion Phaneuf, Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Championship, and a review of wine flavored popcorn.


Kelly Ripa Paris Vacation & Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion

Kelly & Michael: Noodling Snake Bite & Elisha Cuthbert Married

Olivia Munn The Newsroom Season 2 & NYC Apartment Hunting

Actress Olivia Munn stopped by to discuss the upcoming second season of The Newsroom. Olivia also shared details on her recent birthday celebration and why apartment hunting in New York is so different than in other cities.

Kelly & Michael: Olivia Munn The Newsroom & NYC Apartment Hunting

Super Hero Mayor Cory Booker & Newark Mentoring Movement

Newark, New Jersey’s “Super Hero” Mayor Cory Booker also chatted with the hosts on July 8. Mayor Booker explained why he’s horrible at playing golf, and shared the dramatic rescue story that made national headlines. Plus, learn why Mayor Booker believes mentoring is so important.

Kelly & Michael: Mayor Cory Booker & Newark Mentoring Movement


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