Kelly & Michael: Naomi Watts St. Vincent + Jenny McCarthy


Kelly & Michael: October 20 2014

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan had a really fun day on October 20 2014. Naomi Watts came by to talk about her new movie St. Vincent and how she managed to get such a good Russian accent for her role. Jenny McCarthy also came by to talk about her wedding, her tour with her all female comedy troupe and her new radio show. It was a really great start to the week.

Kelly & Michael: Halloween Costume Contest + Inbox

Kelly & Michael ended the day by opening up the Inbox and reading fan messages. They also talked about the Halloween Costume Contest. It’s always a big deal and people go out. This year’s prize is worth $10,000. Go to the studio in a costume. One fan wrote that vasectomies are easy and work pretty well. Reversals are a different story. Michael doesn’t want any more kids though. Tori Spelling couldn’t be on the show, but she’ll come soon.


Kelly & Michael: Jenny McCarthy Wedding

Jenny McCarthy got very emotional when she talked about her son’s relationship with Donny Wahlberg. (s_bukley /

Kelly & Michael: NFL, World Series + Jeff Koons

Kelly & Michael started the day by talking about sports. Michael spent his weekend watching football and though the Giants lost, two NFL records were broken over the weekend. Plus the World Series is starting and Lorde’s “Royals” has been banned for it. Kelly, meanwhile, took Joaquin to the Jeff Koons exhibit this weekend.

–> Someone vandalized the Jeff Koons exhibit.


Kelly & Michael: Statues, Vasectomies + Magic Mike XXL

Kelly & Michael then talked about how someone stole the bonze statues from a city hall in California and how people get more vasectomies during a recession because they don’t want kids that they can’t afford. Michael then talked about how he wasn’t on the show last week because he was filming Magic Mike XXL.

–> Michael dieted for his role in Magic Mike XXL.

Kelly & Michael: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts came by to talk about her family and her new movie St. Vincent. She talked about how intimidated she was to work with comedic geniuses like Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy and talked about how she learned the Russian accent that she used for the movie.

–> St. Vincent is playing in select theaters now and will open nationwide on October 24 2014.

Kelly & Michael: Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy also came by to talk about her wedding to Donny Wahlberg, her tour that she’s been doing with an all female comedy troupe and her new radio show that she’s very excited about. I think it’s really cool that she decided to do an all-female comedy tour.

–> McCarthy’s radio show follows Howard Stern.


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