Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg, Dolly Parton Dream More & Dave Salmoni


Live with Kelly and Michael March 22 2013

Kelly and Michael are still enjoying their Spring Break this week, but they left us some “best of” interviews and segments to tide us over until they get back to work. To conclude the week, the hosts featured chats with Mark Wahlberg, Dream More author Dolly Parton, and animal expert Dave Salmoni. Here are some highlights from their conversations.

Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg Broken City

Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg, Dolly Parton Dream More & Dave Salmoni

Kelly and Michael March 22 2013 featured conversations with Dream More author Dolly Parton, Broken City’s Mark Wahlberg, and TV zoologist Dave Salmoni. (DFree /


From the new movie Broken City, Mark Wahlberg visited the co-hosts to discuss working alongside Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Mark and Kelly both have something in common: they have had their tattoos removed! The process can take longer than you may think, according to Wahlberg.

He also explained the premise of the movie Broken City, which follows the fictional behind the scenes strife at the New York Police Department. The Broken City DVD and Blu-Ray are slated for release on April 30, 2013.

Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg ‘Broken City’ & Tattoo Removal


Kelly and Michael: Dolly Parton Dream More Review

You know her as a singer, songwriter, and entertainer, but now you can call her Dr. Dolly. Dolly Parton received an honorary degree from the University of Tennessee, and giving a commencement speech there inspired her to put her thoughts into a book, Dream More. The even better news is that her gift book of advice is being sold to benefit children’s charities. It would be the perfect book to read in a waiting room or on the train, because it is short and full of Parton’s Southern sayings.

Kelly & Michael: Dolly Parton Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You

Kelly & Michael: Frontier Earth With Dave Salmoni

From the Animal Planet series Frontier Earth, zoologist Dave Salmoni was also on Kelly and Michael’s show. He brought along some of his famous furry friends, including the mandrill, a fennec fox, and a wallaby. Kelly and Michael even had the chance to snuggle up to a baby lion on the show!

Kelly & Michael: Wild Animals With Frontier Earth Host Dave Salmoni


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