Kelly & Michael: James Spader, Jim Caviezel + Mary Lambert Secrets


Kelly & Michael: September 22 2014

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had a great day on September 22 2014. James Spader came by to talk about the second season of his hit show The Blacklist, but he also talked about filming The Avengers, which I am very excited about. Jim Caviezel also came by to talk about his show Person of Interest and his touching memories about his relationship with Jimmy Stwart. Finally Mary Lambert came by Live! With Kelly & Michael and gave a fun and energetic performance of her new song “Secrets” complete with confetti and everything. It was a really fun day.

Kelly & Michael: Eric Ripert, Terry Bradshaw + Mama June & Sugar Bear

Kelly & Michael started the day by talking about their weekends. Kelly had a date night with Mark Consuelos and they went to Eric Ripert’s restaurant. Michael actually relaxed on the West Coast on Saturday, but worked on Sunday. They had to work without Terry Bradshaw because his son-in-law tragically died in a car accident.


–> Kelly & Michael also discussed Mama June and Sugar Bear’s separation.

Kelly & Michael: James Spader 'The Blacklist'

James Spader came by to talk about the second season of ‘The Blacklist’ and his character’s love of hats. (s_bukley /

Kelly & Michael: Cuddlr, Bribing Kids + iPhone 6

Kelly & Michael then discussed a Tinder-style app called Cuddlr that matches you up with people who want to platonically cuddle in your area. I’m still not sure if this is a good thing or not. They also discussed how parents have been bribing their kids a lot more lately.


–> Kelly & Michael showed off their new IPhones.

Kelly & Michael: James Spader

James Spader stopped by to talk to Kelly & Michael about the second season of The Blacklist and why his character Red loves his hats. He also discussed his common choice of playing an anti-hero and his summer filming The Avengers, which I am very excited aboutand going to Comic-Con.

–> The Blacklist airs on Mondays on NBC.

Kelly & Michael: Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel came by to talk about the upcoming season of his hit show Person of Interest. He also talked about his relationship with Jimmy Stewart. He went up to him when he was a waiter even though he knew it would get him fired, and they had a friendship ever since.

–> The season premiere Person of Interest will air on September 23 2014.

Kelly & Michael: Mary Lambert

Finally Mary Lambert came by to perform her new hit song “Secrets” off of her debut solo album Heart on My Sleeve. The song was about not caring if the world knew her secrets and Lambert really let her singing talent show during her performance. She has an amazing voice.

–> Heart on My Sleeve is available for preorder now.


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