Kelly & Michael: Don Cheadle Changes in Iron Man 3 & Geraldo Rivera


Live With Kelly & Michael April 26 2013 Preview

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On April 26 2013, Kelly and Michael are bringing in a fun Friday. From Iron Man 3Don Cheadle is talking about the first superhero flick of the summer. Journalist Geraldo Rivera talks about his controversial opinions and his thoughts on the Boston Marathon bombing. Then, the newest musical sensation Emeli Sandé performs her song “Next to Me.”


Don Cheadle: Changes In Iron Man 3  

Kelly & Michael: Don Cheadle Changes in Iron Man 3 & Geraldo Rivera

On April 26 2013, Don Cheadle explains the changes coming for fans in Iron Man 3. Geraldo Rivera takes a stance on the Boston Marathon bombings. (image credit: Helga Esteb,

After The Avengers, superhero fans were left clamoring for more. While we have to wait for the next editions of Thor and Captain America, our first Avenger to return to the big screen is Tony Stark. Don Cheadle plays Tony’s friend and, until this point, the only other person in the Iron Man suit. In the new film, out May 3 2013, Pepper Potts steps into Tony’s invention. 

Terrorism In Iron Man 3

After the devastating events in Boston, you might be asking yourself if you should see a superhero film. The description for Iron Man 3 says that the world is attacked by a terrorist. Should we be encouraging this kind of film? As a fan of Iron Man, I’ve asked myself the same thing.


The think to remind yourself is that Tony Stark uses his identity as Iron Man to save the world from big baddies. He is going to crush this Mandarin dude and save the world. Yes, it’s a scary time to think about someone attacking the world, but Tony Stark will save the day. He’s a symbol of hope in the darkness.

Geraldo Rivera Opinion On Boston Bombing

Last week, Geraldo Rivera made a comment about America being the enemy. In his humble opinion, Rivera thinks that the men that attacked Boston were “homegrown anarchists.” Even if you don’t know much about Rivera, he’s presenting a new side to consider. That doesn’t make him right or wrong, but Kelly and Michael are giving him a platform on April 26.


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