Kelly & Michael: Claire Danes Homeland + Emily Ratajkowski


Kelly & Michael: October 3 2014

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan had a great day on October 3 2014. Claire Danes came by to talk about the new season of her show Homeland and how weird it is for her that it’s already the 20th anniversary of her show My So Called Life. Plus Emily Ratajkowski came by to talk about her role in the movie Gone Girl and the one big purchase she made since making it big. It was definitely a great end to the week.

Kelly & Michael Inbox questions & Accents

Kelly & Michael ended the hour by opening up the Inbox and reading fan messages. One asked if Michael was ever a majorette. Kelly was. She wondered because of how he spins the wand during Travel Trivia. Another asked what it’s like to sit next to such a beautiful woman every day at work “signed Kelly Ripa,” Kelly said. He called himself the luckiest man in the world. Another asked why Kelly is drinking from a coffee cup and Michael’s drinking from a soup cup. Another thanked them for their trip. Someone said that her four-year-old daughter asked “Are Michael and Kelly wife?” The seven-year-old said Kelly’s married to Gelman because he’s the director. Another said that she loves when Michael tries to speak with another accent and gave some tips.


Check out the video here:

Kelly & Michael: Claire Danes 'Homeland'

Claire Danes came by and discussed how her character’s having some trouble coping in the new season of ‘Homeland’ with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /


Kelly & Michael: Soldiers, Rainbow Room + Cartoons

Kelly & Michael started the day with Michael introducing two soldiers and their wives who were in the audience. He had interviewed them and will be airing it at another time. They then talked about how the Rainbow Room is going to be reopening starting this Sunday. It will be open on Sundays and for events. Plus the CW is canceling its Saturday morning cartoons.

–> Michael was particularly upset about the cartoons.

Kelly & Michael: Ticker, Office Chairs + Headis

Kelly & Michael then talked about a new “Ticker” watch that will predict your death and count it down, which sounds horrifying to me. They also discussed how office chairs could actually make your butt expand and a new sport called ‘Headis” that’s like ping-pong for your head.

–> Kelly & Michael tried “Headis.”

Kelly & Michael: Claire Danes

Claire Danes came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about the upcoming season of her show Homeland as well as her 20-month-old son and her husband Hugh Dancy. They work during different halves of the year, which works out. Plus she talked about the 20th anniversary of My So Called Life.

–> The season premiere of Homeland will air on October 5 2014.

Kelly & Michael: Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski came by to talk about her role as Ben Affleck’s Nick Dunne’s girlfriend in the now movie adaptation of Gone Girl. She actually read the book before she even knew there was going to be a movie and loved it. She also talked about her one big purchase since making it big.

–> Gone Girl is in theaters now.


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