Kelly & Michael: Bruce Willis Die Hard, Anne Hathaway & Adam Levine


Kelly & Michael March 21 2013

With spring in the air and March Madness taking over TV, Kelly and Michael decided to sneak in a little Spring Break of their own. While they were away, viewers had a chance to revisit their conversations with Bruce Willis, Anne Hathaway, and The Voice coach Adam Levine. Here are the show’s highlights from those interviews on the March 21 2013 show.

Kelly and Michael: Bruce Willis Die Hard

Kelly & Michael: Bruce Willis Die Hard, Anne Hathaway & Adam Levine

Bruce Willis talked about the sixth Die Hard movie, A Good Day To Die Hard, in a conversation with Kelly and Michael on March 21. (cinemafestival /


Can you believe it has been 25 years since the first Die Hard movie? Now there is yet another sequel finding its place with fans of the action franchise. A Good Day To Die Hard marks the sixth in the series, but Willis showed no signs of slowing down this time around.

He said that the Die Hard movies have always been fun to make, and he even talked about his infant daughter Mabel, who is almost a year old. Find out what else he discussed with the co-hosts in this interview.

Kelly & Michael: Bruce Willis A Good Day To Die Hard & Daughter Mabel


Live with Kelly & Michael: Anne Hathaway Les Mis

From the blockbuster musical Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway talked to the co-hosts about her chance to play Fantine on the big screen. She also recently became a married woman, getting hitched in September 2012 to Adam Shulman. Find out what she thought of married life so far and how she initially trained her voice for the movie Ella Enchanted. You may be surprised to learn who did the choreography for that movie.

Kelly & Michael: Anne Hathaway Wedding & “Les Miserables”

Kelly & Michael: Adam Levine The Voice

Adam Levine is a busy man these days, juggling his Maroon 5 duties as well as his coach position on The Voice, which is preparing to launch a fourth season. Find out what it is like on the set between him and his fellow coaches.

Plus, what did he think of his turn in the scary second season of American Horror Story: Asylum? Adam Levine seems like he is popping up everywhere these days!

Kelly & Michael: Adam Levine “The Voice” & “American Horror Story”


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