Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck Gone Girl + Bryan Adams She Knows Me


Kelly & Michael: September 29 2014

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had a great day on September 29 2014. Ben Affleck came by and talked to Kelly & Michael about adapting the book Gone Girl into a movie. I think he gave a great interview. He’s very personable. Plus Bryan Adams came by Live! With Kelly & Michael for a performance and he’s incredibly talented, so it was a lot of fun. Overall it was a great start to the week.

Kelly & Michael: Inbox + Time to Smile Contest

Kelly & Michael actually opened up the Inbox and read fan messages in the middle of the show instead of at the end of the show today so that Bryan Adams could end the show. They also talked about entering Time to Smile Trivia. You can win an iPad Mini and a gummy drop app. One message said that her family got stuck in Atlanta during the Polar Vortex. Another said that his flight’s still cancelled for the second day. Another message said that Kelly & Michael should do Naked and Afraid. Kelly would if she could wear shoes.


Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck 'Gone Girl'

Ben Affleck talked about what it was like to turn ‘Gone Girl’ into a movie with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /

Kelly & Michael: Chicago O’Hare + George Clooney Wedding

Kelly & Michael started the day by talking about how excited they were for Bryan Adams to perform and the incredible weather they had over the weekend. They then discussed all of the canceled flights due to the fire in the Chicago O’Hare airport, which is the second largest airport in the county.

–> George Clooney also got married this past weekend.


Kelly & Michael: Derek Jeter, Coffe + Magic Mike Sequel

Kelly & Michael then talked about Derek Jeter’s retirement and his reception when he played in Boston. They also talked about how today’s International Coffee Day, which I am so excited about, and all of the places that will have deals for International Coffee Day. Michael’s not drinking coffee at the moment though because he’s trying to stay fit.

–> Michael’s going to be in the Magic Mike sequel.

Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about his movie adaptation of the book Gone Girl, which is about his character being accused of his missing wife’s murder, but also about how we don’t really show our true selves when we first meet somebody. Affleck also talked about his work for the new Batman movie.

–> Gone Girl will be in theaters on October 3 2014.

Kelly & Michael: Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams also came by to perform the song “She Knows Me” off of his new album Tracks of my Years, which has a bunch of covers songs from Adams’ youth as well as one new song. He also talked about why he chose to put a picture of his 15-year-old self on the cover.

–> Tracks of my Years will be available tomorrow.


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