Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg, Omar Epps + AJR Performance


Kelly & Michael: September 26 2014

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan had a really full, but really fun, day ending the week on September 26 2014. The always hilarious Andy Samberg came by to talk about what it’s like to be a Golden Globe winner and the new season of his show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, while Omar Epps talked about his show Resurrection and who he would bring back if he could. Plus the band AJR, which is comprised of brothers, came by to perform two fun and energetic songs and talk to Kelly & Michael. It was a great day.

Kelly & Michael: This is our Youth, Derek Jeter + Scandal

Kelly & Michael started the day by talking about their nights, and they both had great nights. Kelly went to see the new play This is our Youth, and she highly recommends it. Michael, meanwhile, went to see Derek Jeter’s last home game. He had a great sendoff. Plus, the Giants won.


–> Despite his amazing night, though, Michael was most excited about Scandal coming back.

Kelly & Michael: Omar Epps 'Resurrection'

Omar Epps came to talk to Kelly & Michael about the new season of ‘Resurrection’ and his friendship with Marlon Wayans. (Helga Esteb /

Kelly & Michael: Teeth, Apologizing + Turtles

Kelly & Michael then discussed some weird and surprising news. Exercising is bad for your teeth, but alcohol is actually good for your teeth. Plus people tend to drink more when they exercise. They also discussed how apologizing really does have benefits in a relationship, but that felt more like a given.


–> They also discussed a man from Canada who tried to smuggle in turtles.

Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about the new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and how it’s not weird that they shoot the show in LA because they’re shooting on the same lot that Seinfeld was shot in. He also said that there really is a lot of himself in his character.

–> Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs on Sundays on FOX.

Kelly & Michael: Omar Epps

Omar Epps also came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about the new season of his show Resurrection and said that if he could bring one person back from the dead he would chose his great grandmother who he had until he was 16 years old. He also discussed his friendship with Marlon Wayans.

–> Resurrection will return on September 28 2014.

Kelly & Michael: AJR

Finally AJR came by to perform their songs “Infinity” and “I’m Ready.” They also talked to Kelly & Michael about how they got started by street performing and how they write, produce and mix all of their own music in their living room in Chelsea. Sia’s actually the one that helped them make it.

–> AJR’s EP Infinity is available now.


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