John Travolta & Andrew Garfield: Live With Kelly August 17 2012 Recap


Live With Kelly August 17 2012

For Live With Kelly August 17 2012, Michael Strahan returned as Kelly Ripa’s co-host for the day. They recalled their conversations with some of the summer’s biggest stars, including John Travolta, Andrew Garfield, and Channing Tatum. Here’s the scoop on Live With Kelly August 17 2012.

Live With Kelly & Michael Strahan: Mother of the Year

Michael Strahan has gotten so familiar to Kelly Ripa and the Live audience that “at this point, I feel like you should be announcing me,” she said. He took a shot at introducing Kelly as an Emmy Award-winning mother of the year. The over-the-top intro had Kelly embarrassed at the compliments.


Kelly Ripa: S&M Bondage Swimwear

Presumably thanks to 50 Shades of Grey, “bondage swimwear is all the rage,” Kelly said, referring to a newspaper article about S&M swimsuits. Michael said he had no complaints about this trend.

Kelly said she missed out on this trend, which even includes Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice, who tweeted a photo of herself wearing EG Swimwear. Kelly Photoshopped her head onto Stephanie’s body.

Michael wondered how the straps and accessories of these outfits would affect tan lines, but Kelly suggested using a self tanner as a primer. “This show is a learning experience,” Michael said.


Michael Strahan: Chicago Taxi Vomit Fee

Andrew Garfield: Live With Kelly August 17 2012 Recap

Andrew Garfield told the co-hosts that he was born to play the role of Spider-Man on Live With Kelly August 17 2012. (Featureflash /

Chicago taxi cabs now have an “upchuck charge” of $50 per time when a passenger vomits. Michael suspected this could lead to fights with drunk passengers, while Kelly speculated that cab drivers must be dealing with a lot of inebriated customers already.

“Somebody’s got to clean that up,” Kelly said. “Instead of the charge, make the person clean it up.”

She said she felt the upcharge was too low for the job of cleaning it up.

Live With Kelly: Michael Strahan Won’t Take The Subway

As for subway travel, Michael said he’d only been on the subway about three times during his 20 years in New York. He said it’s because he is too often recognized for his trademark gap. He said he’s also afraid of standing too close to the edge of the platform when the train comes. Kelly said it’s a convenient mode of travel.

Michael Strahan: NFL Skills Competition

Michael brought a video of a skills competition he participated in with other NFL greats like Deon Sanders. His tasks included bench pressing 225 pounds and lifting a giant tire. He admitted that he earned the MVP title in this competition. He said it’s nice to be back around the fans and enjoy the camaraderie of teammates, as well as the stench of the locker room. (I don’t know why you would miss that.)

Live With Kelly: Locker Room Hygiene

Michael said that sometimes players don’t have the greatest hygiene after hours of sweaty football practice. He couldn’t believe that sometimes players don’t shower after practice. He said that it’s got to be nasty and make your car seat smell.

Kelly said that seeing Michael back out on the field makes her think he could go back to the NFL. But he said he no longer has the mental ability to return to the game.

“I think you’re smart because you got out with your health,” she said.

But Michael did admit he took his share of hits to the head over the years.

Surf’s Up Travel Trivia: Miss USA Olivia Culpo

The day’s trivial caller was Brenda Cameron from Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania. She played for a trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Mexico.

Her question was about which state Miss USA Olivia Culpo represented in the pageant. But her Googling was too slow, and she couldn’t come up with the answer, Rhode Island.

However, she and someone from the audience got a $500 small appliance package from Brevel.

John Travolta: Savages & Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

John Travolta spoke with Kelly and Michael about his role in the summer thriller Savages. He also shared that his secret culinary talent is making Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. What are his secrets to staying in shape, and how is the family doing now, with new toddler Benjamin?

Live With Kelly: John Travolta “Savages” Interview

Live With Kelly: Channing Tatum Vs Michael Strahan Stripping Contest

The popcorn flick Magic Mike is partly based on Channing Tatum’s former career as a stripper. Can you believe it? Even more unbelievably, he has some competition from Live With Kelly guest co-host Michael Strahan, who showed off his moves during their interview. Find out how Channing stays in shape, and what he plans to do to commemorate his third wedding anniversary. For more fun, read about Channing Tatum’s naked confession on Ellen.

Live With Kelly: Channing Tatum “Magic Mike” Interview

Andrew Garfield: The Amazing Spider-Man

From The Amazing Spider-Man, star Andrew Garfield also spoke this summer with Kelly and Michael. He reflected on his Broadway role in Death of a Salesman and why he has been training his whole life to play Spider-Man. Plus, Kelly called him a “human croissant”!

Live With Kelly: Andrew Garfield “The Amazing Spiderman” Interview


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