Jeremy Renner & Rachel Weisz: Live With Kelly August 31 2012


Live With Kelly August 31 2012

For Live With Kelly August 31 2012, Kelly was joined one last time by guest co-host Chris Harrison. On Monday, September 3 2012, Kelly will host the show solo for the first time. Then on Tuesday, September 4 2012, she will name her new permanent co-host, replacing Regis. For this encore episode, she and Chris talked with The Bourne Legacy‘s Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz, as well as teen actor Zachary Gordon. Here’s a recap of Live With Kelly August 31 2012.

Live With Kelly: Chris Harrison Vs Michael Strahan

Chris Harrison returned to finish the week as co-host with Kelly. That makes him the show’s final guest co-host since Regis Philbin left the show in November 2011. Chris said he is small enough to maneuver behind the co-host desk, but that fellow guest co-host Michael Strahan must have trouble getting around because of his imposing size.


I’m sure if the rumors are true and Michael Strahan takes the permanent gig on September 4 2012, they’ll rearrange the furniture to accommodate him.

Kelly Ripa: Super Tasters

Why is it that some people have such an acute sense of taste, while others have trouble distinguishing flavors? The answer has to do with science, and Kelly said that Gelman is one such supertaster. You can actually test yourself for this using a Q tip and blue food coloring.

You dip the Q tip in food coloring and swab your tongue. “The bluer it looks, the fewer taste buds you have. The more pink spots, densely clustered, the more sensitive you are,” Kelly read from an article.


Live With Kelly: Blue Tongue Test for Taste Buds

It was time for the Live With Kelly gang to try the test themselves. Kelly tested Chris’s tongue first. His tongue turned almost all blue and they concluded he has basically no taste buds. Next, Chris painted Kelly’s tongue, calling it “the oddest thing I’ve ever done.” He said he didn’t understand how this was supposed to work, since Kelly’s tongue turned bright blue again.

Finally, it was time for Gelman to take the test. Kelly seemed to delight in painting her boss’s tongue, which Chris said was very large. According to this test, Gelman can’t taste anything either. Last up was the show’s executive in charge of production, Art Moore, and based on this fourth test, this study sounds like a bust.

Chris Harrison: German Cursing Hotline

Jeremy Renner: Live With Kelly August 31 2012 Recap

Jeremy Renner and his Bourne Legacy co-star Rachel Weisz visited Live With Kelly August 31 2012. (s_bukley /

A German company has established a cursing hotline. You can call the number, and for 1.5 Euros per minute, you can vent and swear to the operator on the phone. But Chris said the operator will egg you on if you’re not being effusive and creative enough with your swear words.

“It’s funny, because Gelman will call and curse into my phone for free, and now I feel like I should probably charge him,” Kelly said.

Kelly Ripa: The Hunger Games & Archery

Kelly said that since the Olympics, her kids are suddenly interested in sports such as Fencing. They also practice Archery at a summer day camp, and Kelly read that Archery is suddenly more popular thanks to The Hunger Games.

Chris said that the lead character in Disney’s Brave could also be inspiring renewed interest in archery. He said he got to take his daughter to the premiere and try it out in a safe environment.

Chris also recalled a nearly blind Chinese archer who competed in the Olympics. He speculated that it must be troubling for competitors to lose to a blind competitor. Kelly recalled a documentary where an archer had a romantic relationship with her bow.

Kelly said if she were to fall in love with an inanimate object, she’d want it to be Gelman; as her second pick, she chose her spin bike. Chris fumbled and came up with his wine cellar.

Surf’s Up Summer Trivia: Heidi Klum

Sheila Cochran from Rockwell, Texas, was the day’s trivia caller, vying for a trip to the St. James’s Club in Antigua.

In what country was Heidi Klum named the winner on a talent show that began her career?

Sheila knew the answer was Germany, and she shared the love with an audience member who won $500 in Omaha Steaks.

Live With Kelly Cutest Kid Search

There were six more finalists in the Cutest Kid Search revealed on the show today. Vote for your choices on the Live With Kelly website.

  • Wesson Smith, Glen Rose, Texas
  • Avin Azad, Annandale, Virginia
  • Ella Learish, Wexford, Pennsylvania
  • Adrianna Stem, Holland Township, New Jersey
  • Graham Clausen, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Aspyn King, Hutchinson, Kansas

Live With Kelly: Jeremy Renner The Bourne Legacy Review

Jeremy Renner had big shoes to fill in his latest movie, The Bourne Legacy. How can a franchise continue without its lead character? Jeremy explained how impressed he was with the new story for the film, and what it was like to step into the role of Aaron Cross. He also shared his thoughts on doing his own stunts for the movie.

Zachary Gordon in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Based on the popular books, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies star Zachary Gordon as the title character. He talked about what it’s been like growing up with his character, how he juggles high school and his acting career, and why he took inspiration from Steve Carrell for his latest project, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

Live With Kelly: Rachel Weisz in The Bourne Legacy

Also from The Bourne Legacy, Rachel Weisz hung out with Kelly and Chris. She talked about what this summer’s London Olympics meant to her, and the challenges she’s faced in becoming an American citizen. She also explained why she was terrified while working with Jeremy Renner.


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