Heidi Klum & Noah Wyle: Live With Kelly August 29 2012 Recap


Live With Kelly August 29 2012

The summer is winding down, and Kelly Ripa is looking back all week at some great interviews and segments from the year. On Live With Kelly August 29 2012, she and guest co-host Jerry O’Connell looked back at their conversations with Noah Wyle, Heidi Klum, and Bristol Palin. Plus, more Cutest Kid Search finalists were announced. Here’s a look at Live With Kelly August 29 2012.

Jerry O’Connell: Josh Duhamel Babysitting

Jerry O’Connell returned as Kelly’s co-host, and she picked some of her hair off of him to get the show going. He suggested using a lint roller or tape to remove excess or unwanted hair from clothes.


Jerry showed off a summer picture of former Kelly Ripa co-star Josh Duhamel in the pool with Jerry and his kids. Kelly said Josh is meant to have children and will make a great father. Jerry said Josh is a cheap babysitter.

Live With Kelly: Jerry O’Connell Daughters Roller Coaster

Jerry O'Connell: Live With Kelly August 29 2012 Recap

Jerry O'Connell returned as co-host on Live With Kelly August 29 2012 to talk about roller coasters and other hot news items. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

But Jerry said that his kids are picky eaters. Their favorite food is French fries. But Jerry bribes them to eat vegetables so they will be tall enough to ride the rides at the local children’s amusement park. I guess it worked, because Jerry showed pictures of his daughters, Dolly and Charlie, riding a roller coaster.


Though Charlie was excited about the ride, in her picture she had the most horrified expression. For comparison, Dolly was laughing and looked like she was having a great time.

Kelly Ripa: Long Island Roller Coaster

Kelly said her son Joaquin has a friend who is obsessed with dangerous roller coasters. But Joaquin prefers the gentler rides, and enlists Kelly to help him avoid the more intense roller coasters.

When she was a kid, Kelly went to Six Flags on a field trip, and her mother threatened her that her long braids would get caught in the roller coaster tracks and decapitate her. That’s terrifying! Kelly said she tied her braids under her chin to go on the Lightning Loops ride.

Live With Kelly: Jerry O’Connell Bachelor Party

Jerry talked about attending a bachelor party on a party bus. They pooled their money in one envelope on their way to Las Vegas. The group stopped at a roller coaster ride on the California-Nevada border. But the groom went on the ride with everyone’s money in his pocket, which of course he lost on the ride.

Kelly recalled a sad vomiting incident that once happened with her childhood friends on a roller coaster ride. The moral of her story was never to eat pizza and blueberries before riding a roller coaster.

Jerry O’Connell: Voter Registration & Obituary Confession

An Orlando woman was removed from voter registration rolls and began receiving notices that she is dead. But she is protesting the move, because she is alive. How many times do you have to prove you are alive to satisfy Orange County? Jerry said that he would be OK with being declared dead by the county if it meant he wouldn’t have to pay property taxes.

Kelly Ripa said a man used his obituary to confess to a life of crimes. Val Patterson outed himself for lying about his scientific background, stealing a safe in the 1970s, and faking a Ph.D. He never even completed a Bachelor’s degree. That’s a crazy story, but even crazier is that his story implies he was successful as an electrical engineer.

Live With Kelly: Make Your Own Travel Trivia Beach Ball

A home viewer’s son loves the summer travel trivia beach so much that she made him his own version, with locations like Grandma’s House and the Zoo. That’s a fun summer idea; keep that one in mind for your next school vacation.

Surf’s Up Summer Trivia: Anne Meara

The day’s contestant was Virginia Tipple of Philmont, New York. She played for a vacation to Smugglers Cove in St. Lucia. The question was:

What comedienne is Ben Stiller’s mother?

Virginia couldn’t come up with Anne Meara in time, but she and a studio audience member got $500 gift certificates to Fandango. That’s a good supply of movie tickets.

Live With Kelly: Cutest Kid Search

More finalists were announced in the Cutest Kid Search. Today’s contestants are:

  • Isabel Sully, Ottowa, Ontario
  • Dante Galaz, Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • Jax Slegers, Sunnside, Washington
  • Chelsea Connell, Riverdale, Georgia
  • Ze’Kyiah Wright, Elmira, New York
  • Jayden Jones, Medina, Ohio

Heidi Klum: Project Runway & Modeling Anniversary

Heidi Klum is celebrating a major milestone: she has now been modeling for 20 years. She reflected on her career longevity, as well as the enduring success of her reality competition series, Project Runway, which aired its 10th season this summer. Like recent guest Tim Gunn, Heidi weighed in on this season’s shocking departure of two contestants who quit the show in the middle of the night.

Live With Kelly: Noah Wyle in Falling Skies

We watched him for years as Dr. John Carter on ER. From season 2 of the TNT drama Falling Skies, Noah Wyle visited the show. He talked about the growing popularity of the sci-fi series and how it’s making him popular with his kids and their friends. He also discussed his recent 41st birthday. What makes sci-fi such an enduring genre of television?

Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp

Four years ago, Bristol Palin was thrust into the national spotlight. Now, she has her own Lifetime reality series, Life’s A Tripp,  about moving from the wilds of Alaska to the big city of Los Angeles. Bristol reflected on her relationship with Levi Johnston, what it’s like being a single mom in a tabloid world, and how she is adjusting to being a fish out of water in LA.


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