First Lady Michelle Obama: Live With Kelly August 16 2012 Recap


Live With Kelly August 16 2012

Live With Kelly August 16 2012 was a special encore presentation of First Lady Michelle Obama’s summer visit. Guest co-host Bryant Gumbel returned to spend the hour with Kelly and their special guest. Food and fitness were the hot topics, with a few surprises for everyone, including the First Lady. Here’s what you missed on Live With Kelly August 16 2012.

Live With Kelly & Bryant Gumbel: Bro-mosa Recipe

Michelle Obama: Live With Kelly August 16 2012 Recap

First Lady Michelle Obama was the guest of honor for a special encore episode of Live With Kelly August 16 2012. (spirit of america /


Before chatting with their guest of honor, Kelly and Bryant discussed the Bro-mosa Recipe for a new cocktail that’s gaining popularity. Kelly talked about the extra security with the Secret Service in the building. The two talked about innovative bathroom gadgets, because Kelly said she loves the high tech bathroom at Bryant’s house.

Live With Kelly: Bryant Gumbel Co-Hosted

First Lady Michelle Obama: American Grown Review

First Lady Michelle Obama made a special appearance on Live With Kelly. She talked about her goals of promoting healthy eating and how they are a part of her book, American Grown. Of course, talk turned to life in the White House, and the First Lady talked about trying to give their kids a normal childhood. Can you imagine what it must be like to grow up in the White House?


Live With Kelly: First Lady Michelle Obama Interview

Kerry YMCA Super Skippers: Double Dutch Champions

Also on hand in this special encore episode were young kids from the Kerry YMCA who have taken Mrs. Obama up on her health challenge to Get Moving. They demonstrated one of the routines that got them the honor of being named Double Dutch champions. Before long, even the First Lady was showcasing her jump rope skills.

Live With Kelly: Double Dutch Champions

Marc Forgione: White House Garden Challenge

Fresher is better. Chef Marc Forgione had an interesting assignment for this special episode of Live With Kelly. His challenge was to create a delicious and healthy meal using only the ingredients that are grown in the White House garden. He came up with White House Garden Crostini, and of course it was a big hit with the First Lady.

Live With Kelly: Marc Forgione White House Garden Challenge


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