Eli Manning & Christina Hendricks: Live With Kelly August 30 2012 Recap


Live With Kelly August 30 2012

Live With Kelly August 30 2012 included the return of guest co-host Chris Harrison. The guest list featured Billy Bob Thornton, Eli Manning, and Christina Hendricks. And more finalists in Live’s Cutest Kid Search were revealed. Here’s a look at Live With Kelly August 30 2012.

Live With Kelly: Chris Harrison Electric Razor

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison returned as Kelly Ripa’s co-host, and he said that he loves hanging out with Kelly when he is in New York. She said she loves getting the inside scoop about the dating reality shows he hosts.


Chris said he likes being able to get anything he needs at any time of the day or night in New York. He was staying at the Four Seasons, and since he isn’t working right now, he asked the front desk where he could get an electric razor. They had one to his room in 30 minutes.

Kelly asked about Chris’s shaving habits. He said he alternates between an electric and manual razor depending on the look he is going for. Kelly said Mark Consuelos also has trouble keeping his beard under control. She said sometimes she thinks his hair is growing over the course of an hour. Mark has also passed this gene on to his son.

Chris Harrison: Best Cities for Women’s Quality of Life

Kelly ruined Chris’s fun by guessing the answer to his question. What US city has the best quality of life for women? According to a study, the answer is Washington, D.C., and Kelly said this makes perfect sense to her.


“When I go to Washington, D.C., I feel inspired by the architecture, by the history. I love the monuments. I jog a lot more there, because it’s a great runner’s town. The food is delicious,” she said.

San Francisco and Boston rounded out the top three; New York City placed fifth. Kelly said Colorado would also be on her list. Factors for the list included income and job opportunities. Chris said he was surprised that D.C. came in first.

Kelly Ripa: Are You A Sleepwalker?

Live With Kelly August 30 2012 Recap: Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison returned as guest co-host for Live With Kelly August 30 2012, with best cities for women and electric vs manual razor habits. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Kelly asked if Chris is a sleepwalker. He said he is not, but his children are, which provides hours of entertainment, apparently. Chris said parents can’t help but mess with their kids in those types of situations.

A study Kelly shared said that one in three people will sleepwalk during their lives. Chris said he was afraid of walking out of the house while sleepwalking. Sleeping pills can be a factor, and there are countless stories of Ambien, to the point where Kelly thinks people are starting to use it as an excuse.

Live With Kelly: What Does It Feel Like To Be Shot?

Chris shared the story of a man who wanted to find out what it feels like to be shot. He recruited a friend to shoot him in the leg using a rifle. Then the accomplice was arrested for reckless endangerment.

Chris Harrison: Education & Lifespan

Chris talked about his college experience, graduating in four years with honors. After graduation, he said that he wished he’d stayed longer. He majored in television, which Kelly didn’t believe was a legitimate major. Between his soccer background and his major, he was on track to be a sportscaster.

Kelly said that higher education is tied to a longer lifespan. A high school diploma could make the difference in nine extra years of life. That could in part be because they are more educated about health practices, and have more access to medical care.

Chris Harrison & Kristin Chenoweth: Oklahoma City University

Chris revealed that he attended Oklahoma City University with fellow student Kristin Chenoweth. He said she was talented even in those years. “It was like watching Michael Jordan play against high school players,” he said of Kristin’s talent. “She would just blow the roof off the place.”

Kelly recalled a teacher who thought she had acting talents, even though her singing was subpar. That’s how she got leading roles, and she tried to make bits out of her bad singing. By high school, she had trouble finding the spotlight because of her singing. She said that Kristin Chenoweth is an example of a great talent.

Kelly Ripa: Children & Sugar

Kelly said she doesn’t like to feed her children sugar. Her teenage son sneaks candy behind her back, but Kelly said they keep sugar to a minimum. Chris revealed a study that found sugar and high fructose corn syrup can affect brain power and memory.

Chris said he likes to stay in shape so he can enjoy indulgences like wine, cookies, and ice cream. Kelly said sometimes she can’t handle how cold ice cream is on her teeth.

Live’s Cutest Kid Search Finalists

Here are today’s finalists in the Cutest Kid Search. Vote for your favorites on the show’s official website.

  • Sydney Carson, Portland, Oregon
  • Bailey McCollum, Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Deja Love-Clark, Fairfield, Georgia
  • Ava Capri Echevarria, Sparks, Nevada
  • Billy Ray Thompson Jr., Jacksboro, Texas
  • Isaac Jayden Huang, Richmond, Virginia

Billy Bob Thornton: The Billy Bob Tapes Review

Talented entertainer Billy Bob Thornton’s latest project is more introspective. This summer, he visited Kelly and Chris to discuss his stream-of-consciousness memoirs, The Billy Bob Tapes. The books illustrate some of his idiosyncrasies; he is particular about silverware and has a fear of Kimono dragons. His A-list ex, Angelina Jolie, wrote the foreword to the book at the suggestion of his co-author.

Live With Kelly: Eli Manning BOKS for Kids

Eli Manning reflected on his Super Bowl ring and the BOKS for Kids charity program that hopes to target childhood obesity. He also shared his choice for Kelly’s permanent co-host: Michael Strahan. We’ll find out if he’s right when the new co-host takes over on September 4 2012, but it’s been widely speculated that Strahan is getting the gig.

Christina Hendricks: Mad Men Fashions & Natural Hair Color

Christina Hendricks is best known as curvy redhead Joan Holloway on the hit ’60s period drama Mad Men. But she gave Kelly the dish about her real hair color and what it’s like wearing all those period dresses. Find out when the cast and crew are getting back to work on a new season of the show, coming to TV in 2013.


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