Live With Kelly: Summer Dog Care


Dr. Jennifer Jellison: How to Care for Your Dog in Summer

Kelly and Jerry were joined by Dr. Jennifer Jellison, who had some great advice– and some adorable puppies! She taught the Live with Kelly audience great ways to care for your dog in the summertime.

Live With Kelly: Summer Dog Care

Dr Jennifer Jellison shared some great summer dog care tips for pet health and safe travel on Live With Kelly.


Kelly and Jerry both had two bags at their feet, and inside were two amazingly cute nine-week-old puppies, Relish and Rhubarb. The puppies were siblings, and were both up for adoption. Jerry and Kelly bonded with the two cute little boys, and tried out some summer care tips on them

Live With Kelly: Summer Dog Travel

Many people travel with their dogs in the summer, but one of the biggest concerns is losing them. Dr. Jellison suggested getting a microchip implanted inside of your dog. Also, don’t forget to keep them on a leash and to have an updated ID tag.

If you’re traveling in the car, make sure that you let your dog out every couple of hours to stretch his legs and to use the bathroom.


Sun Protection for Your Dog

You would never let your children play outside in summer without sunscreen, so what about your dog? There is Dog Sunscreen available, and you should put it on the tip of your dog’s nose and at the tip of his ears. However, don’t ever use people sunscreen.

You can also buy a sunhat or sun goggles for your dog. The dogs did not seem to be big fans of the goggles (even though they looked so cute), but Dr. Jellison said it’s just a matter of getting used to. Just like people, dogs need protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Summer Dog Pedicures

Dr. Jellison said that most people are afraid to clip their dog’s nails, but it is actually perfectly safe. Just snip off the tip of the nail. If you go too short and the nail bleeds, just let your dog relax for a minute, and it will heal. Jerry and Kelly gave Relish and Rhubarb their first manicures.

Summer Swimming For Dogs

Swimming is a good past time for dogs in summer, and all of the dogs on the set hopped into a kiddie pool. Jerry joked, “this is like the hot tub at the Playboy Mansion!” When it’s time to dry off, towel-dry and brush your dog with upward strokes. This is a good way to check for fleas.

Can You Use A Blow Dryer On Your Dog?

You can also use a hair dryer on your dog, but make sure to keep it on the lowest setting so that you do not burn their skin. Did you know that you can also Brush A Dog’s Teeth?

For more information on how to keep your dog happy and healthy during the summer, check out Dr Oz’s Dog Summer Survival Guide.


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