Live With Kelly: New Summer Toys


Live With Kelly: New Summer Toys

If you’re looking for the best and hottest new toys for your kids this summer, look no further: “Live With Kelly” invited toy expert Chris Byrne to come and give everyone the full toy rundown! Neil and Kelly got in touch with their inner children and tested out some of the best new toys that every kid will be dreaming about.

Summer Toys

Chris Byrne showed off some hot new summer toys on "Live With Kelly"


Chris Byrne: Action Toys

Chris kicked things off with some exciting action toys, most based on popular summer movies. The studio lights got turned down while Neil tested out a light-up bicycle called the Fuse FX Wheel Rider. It projects a glowing image of a dangerous skull and crossbones, but Kelly mistakingly thought it was an image of Mickey Mouse. Maybe she’s been working for Disney for too long!

Some of the toys didn’t actually work, like a new racing track from Hot Wheels and an outdoor game called RingStix. The RingStix looked a lot like swords, and Kelly and Neil preferred to use them for fighting instead.

One of the coolest-looking toys was the Hawkeye Bow, based on the character from summer superhero blockbuster The Avengers. There is also a new Iron Man “Tri-Power Repulsor,” based on the same film. Other summer movie toys included a brand new version of Battleship, and a Merida character doll from the upcoming animated film, Brave. 


There was also a new Batman Bat Cave, which is a lot more suitable for small children than the upcoming movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Kelly revealed that her youngest son has the toy, and he loves it.

Live With Kelly: Outdoor Toys

Neil, Kelly, and Chris headed outside to see some more toys that were made for the outdoors. Neil tried riding a bike called the Flash Rider 360 that was a tad too small for him. Then, he and Kelly took turns hitting baseballs and golfballs filled with helium that are made to travel long distances.

Lastly, they tested out some powerful new water guns and shooters that will certainly soak plenty of kids this summer. Neil aimed his guns at people taking pictures, including some paparazzi, who were all good sports. Kelly chose to aim her gun at Gelman.

Check out the “Live With Kelly” site to hear more about all of the great toys featured in today’s segment.



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