Live With Kelly Diet Week: The Wheat Belly Diet


Live With Kelly: Diet Week

Wheat Belly Diet Review: Live With Kelly

Dr. William Davis believes that eliminating wheat from your diet can produce a healthier lifestyle.

On July 30, “Live with Kelly” kicked off Diet Week. All week long, Kelly and her co-host will evaluate some of the latest diet trends for a healthier lifestyle. On day one, Kelly and Chris welcomed Dr. William Davis, best-selling author of The Wheat Belly Diet. Dr. Davis believes that eliminating wheat from your diet can help you lose weight.


Dr. Davis explained that wheat has changed over the years. It now contains ingredients that stimulate your appetite. A person who eats wheat will consume 440 more calories per day than someone who does not eat wheat; that’s a lot of calories!

Dr. William Davis: The Wheat Belly Diet

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, Dr. Davis recommends going back to a diet filled with real, single-ingredient foods. These include cheese, olive oil, meat, and fish. Of course, if you just can’t live without wheat-based foods such as pizza, there are wheat alternatives available that Dr. Davis promises taste just as great.

You can use ingredients such as nuts, almond flour, coconut flour, and flax seed instead of wheat to re-create your favorite foods. Not only do they taste good, but unlike wheat, they will not stimulate your appetite.


Dr. Davis had some healthy suggestions for each meal of the day. Instead of breakfast cereal, try grainless granola in the morning– it will keep you fuller longer. For lunch, a sandwich with bread made without wheat will fill you up, and still taste essentially the same. For dinner, you can try chicken nuggets made with ground coconut flour and almonds instead of traditional breading.

For more great tips and many wheat-less recipes, check out Dr. Davis’s book, The Wheat Belly Diet. You can also head to the “Live With Kelly” site for more information on Diet Week.



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    There’s no Live with Kelly in the Orlando area for 2 weeks because of the Olympics. Your recaps keep me up to date. However, there’s a contest going on with a Word of the Day for the next few weeks. Is there any way you could put that in the recaps. Would much appreciate it. Thanks!!

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