Live With Kelly Diet Week: The South Beach Diet Supercharged Review


Live With Kelly: Diet Week

All week long on “Live With Kelly,” we have learned about the best ways to lose weight, feel better, and promote a healthier lifestyle. The hosts have chatted on Diet Week with Dr. William Davis about the Wheat Belly Diet, Dr. Mark Hyman with his Blood Sugar Solution Diet, Dr. Mike Moreno, the author of The 17 Day Diet, and the Eat to Live Diet author Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

South Beach Diet Supercharged: Live With Kelly

Dr. Arthur Agatson explained how you can have red wine and tiramisu on the South Beach Diet Supercharged on "Live With Kelly."


Dr Arthur Agatson: The South Beach Diet Supercharged

On “Live With Kelly” August 3, Diet Week concluded with Dr. Arthur Agatson, author of The South Beach Diet Supercharged.  Dr. Agatsone explained that the South Beach Diet is not really a diet, but a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness. He developed it many years ago for his patients that suffered from heart issues, and since that time, it has been one of America’s best-selling and most popular diets.

South Beach Diet Supercharged: Strategic Snacking

The South Beach Diet contains three phases: a rapid weight loss phase, an educational phase, and a maintenance phase. During phase 1, you should eat large quantities of vegetables like broccoli and asparagus. Low fat cheese and nuts are also good foods to snack on– Dr. Agatson recommends strategic snacking to reduce cravings during the day.

During phase 2, whole fruits, berries, and whole grains are the foods that Dr. Agatson suggests eating. Avoid high-sugar fruits like pineapple and white starches. If you just have a few pounds that you’d like to lose, you can start directly with phase 2.


South Beach Tiramisu Recipe

Phase 3 is all about maintaining the great weight loss you’ve already achieved. You can even indulge in things like red wine and dark chocolate, as long as you don’t overdo it. Dr. Agatson showed the hosts a slice of South Beach Tiramisu, the recipe to which you can find in his book. Kelly and Nick both said it was delicious.

To learn more about all of the diets we’ve learned about on Diet Week, head to the “Live with Kelly” site.


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