Live With Kelly Diet Week: The Eat to Live Diet Review


Live With Kelly: Diet Week Continues

All week long on “Live With Kelly,” we are are learning new ways to lose weight, feel better, and promote a healthier lifestyle. So far on “Live” Diet Week, the hosts have chatted with Dr. William Davis about the Wheat Belly Diet, Dr. Mark Hyman and the Blood Sugar Solution Diet, and Dr. Mike Moreno, the author of The 17 Day Diet.

On August 2, Dr. Joel Fuhrman explained how you can lose weight quickly and never gain it back– and who doesn’t want that?!– with his Eat to Live Diet, detailed in his best-selling Eat to Live book.


Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Eat to Live Diet

Dr. Fuhrman’s diet is rich in micro-nutrients, which he refers to as a “nutritarian diet.” By adding more nutrients to your diet, you will crave less food, and eat more food that it better for you. This is how you lose weight and keep it off.

Food Pyramid

Eat To Live Diet Review: Live With Kelly

Dr. Joel Fuhrman described the keys to his Eat to Live Diet on "Live With Kelly."

Dr. Fuhrman’s Food Pyramid is a bit different than the traditional Food Pyramid we may have learned as kids. He places vegetables on the bottom of the pyramid, and believes that Americans should be consuming more vegetables than anything else. Food groups such as meat and dairy should be highest at the top, because they contain less nutrients.


Every American should be changing his or her diet and adding in more nutrients in order to combat diseases such as cancer and heart problems. Dr. Fuhrman believes that his nutrient-rich diet can ward off these common and tragic health issues.


Remember the key word “G-Bombs:” it stands for greens, berries, onions, mushrooms, beans, and seeds. These are the foods that contain the most powerful anti-cancer ingredients, and Dr. Fuhrman believes that if everyone ate G-Bombs every day, the rates of cancer in America could drop dramatically.

These foods will not just make you healthier, but they will also keep you full. Black beans, navy beans, and red beans are filled with resistant starch, which gives you protein but do not contain carbs. Onions are rich in compounds that cause weight loss. Here’s a tip: when cutting onions, face the root away from you in order to avoid the irritating stinging.

Berries Prevent Dementia

Additionally, mushrooms and seeds prevent breast cancer and berries prevent dementia, two very common problems in the United States.

Dr. Fuhrman made Black Bean Brownies and Sesame Cashew Dressing to show that you can still eat deliciously while on the Eat to Live Diet. For these recipes and more information Diet Week, visit the “Live With Kelly” site.



  1. P. Kaufman says

    You promised to publish the recipe for Black Bean Brownies by Joel Fuhrman on your website. I can not find it. Please publish it. Thx!

  2. Betty White says

    I also am looking for the Black Bean Brownies and also the Sesame Cashew Dressing by Dr. Fuhrman. Please let me know where on your website I can get these.

    • says

      Those recipes may be available through the Live With Kelly official site, but they seemed to be having trouble getting them online last week. They might also be in the diet/cookbook.

  3. KL says

    Google ‘Live with Kelly recipes’ and once you get to that page put in Dr. Fuhrman’s name in the search under “chef’s name” and it pulls up all the recipes that were featured when he was on.

  4. says

    I just reading about all the great tips. Black Bean Brownies are awesome and healthy for you. I love watching Kelly. She is a wonderful and delightful person she shares a lot on healthy tips. She is very funny. I have enjoyed watching her in Hawii this’s week.

    Kelly you are the greatest keep up the wonderful job that you are doing. I appricate you very. You a very beautiful lady.

    Thank You,
    Linda Goodman
    North Carolina

  5. says

    Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout
    out and say I truly enjoy reading through your articles.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics?

    Many thanks!

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