Live With Kelly Diet Week: The 17 Day Diet Review


Live With Kelly: Diet Week

This week on “Live With Kelly,” both the hosts and the viewers at home are learning new ways to lose weight, feel better, and promote a healthier lifestyle. So far on Diet Week, we’ve heard from Dr. William Davis about the Wheat Belly Diet, and Dr. Mark Hyman and the Blood Sugar Solution Diet. On August 1, Kelly and Nick chatted with Dr. Mike Moreno, the best-selling author of The 17 Day Diet. Dr. Marino discussed how his quick and easy diet is both healthy and effective.

Dr. Mike Moreno: The 17 Day Diet Review

17 Day Diet: Live With Kelly Diet Week

The 17 Day Diet cleanse was detailed by Dr. Mike Marino on "Live With Kelly."


Dr. Moreno explained that his best-selling diet works in three cycles, with each cycle having its own specific benefits.

Cycle 1: Accelerate

The first cycle is a cleanse, which promotes rapid weight loss and improves your digestive health. When you hear the word ‘cleanse,’ you might think an all-liquid diet where solid foods are banned.

However, the 17 Day Diet cleanse is different. Dr. Moreno recommends eating whole, healthy vegetables to cleanse your system. Avoid starches, but eat essentially any type of fruit and vegetable you like– and as much as you like! You can even eat lean proteins such as chicken and dairy such as Greek yogurt.


However, some fruits are high in sugar, such as melons and pineapples, so avoid those fruits during the cleanse stage. Dr. Moreno also recommends eating your fruit in the beginning of your day, and definitely make sure that you drink lots of water.

Cycle 2: Activate

During the second cycle of the diet, you can incorporate foods like potatoes and shellfish into your diet. This cycle is meant to retrain the metabolism by changing your caloric intake. Dr. Moreno explained that your metabolism is like a muscle: you have to stimulate it in different ways in order to achieve results.

Cycle 3: Achieve

Cycle 3 is all about developing good eating habits. It is not realistic for people to live without things such as bread and wine forever, so the 17 Day Diet allows these things– in moderation, of course. Portion control is the true key to a healthy diet.

Dr. Moreno said to think of a baseball when creating portions of food– you should not exceed that size.


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