Live Auto Week: New York Auto Show Environmentally Friendly Green Cars


Live’s Auto Show Week: Environmentally Friendly Green Cars

As the annual New York Auto Show approaches, Kelly and Michael will be giving viewers a sneak peek at the latest cars and products. On Monday, Michael and guest co-host Kristin Chenoweth took a look at some environmentally friendly green cars. Helping them was Alan Taylor from “The Drive” radio show.

Live Auto Week: New York Auto Show Environmentally Friendly Green Cars

Michael Strahan and guest co-host Kristin Chenoweth checked out the latest environmentally friendly green cars from the New York Auto Show. (Michael Shake /


Infiniti QX60

First up was the Infiniti QX60, a seven-passenger hybrid SUV. While still maintaining that luxurious SUV look and feel, the car is very gas-friendly and extra roomy. It starts at $45,000.

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 will soon be making its debut at the Auto Show. The electric car achieves 87 miles per gallon combined and will cost just $500 to run for an entire year. It’s also very affordable, starting around the low 20s. It was the perfect size for the very petite Kristin.

Subaru Cross Trek XV

The New York Auto Show will also feature the world debut of Subaru’s first hybrid car. The all wheel drive car is roomy, but not too large, and is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle.


Cadillac ELR

The Cadillac ELR looks very luxurious, but is also very cost effective. It’s an electric vehicle with its own gasoline generator. Michael liked this car because it didn’t skimp on the details. It features a hand-stitched leather interior and is even big enough to fit Michael comfortably. The Cadillac ELR starts at $55,000.

If you’d like to see all these and other cars for yourself, check out the New York Auto Show. The show begins on Friday, March 29, and runs through April 7 2013 at the Jacob Javits Center.


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