Kelly Ripa AKT Workout & Personal Trainer Anna Kaiser Technique Review


Kelly & Michael: Work Out With Us Week

All this week, Kelly and Michael have been showing us their moves, from Workout Apps to Michael Strahan’s fitness routine. Today it was Kelly Ripa’s turn to show us how she stays in shape with an Anna Kaiser Technique review.

Kelly Ripa AKT Workout Routine

Kelly Ripa AKT Workout & Personal Trainer Anna Kaiser Technique Review

Kelly Ripa took cameras along to share her Anna Kaiser Technique review of the intense AKT workout her trainer has been putting her through for two years.


Kelly Ripa is dainty, and if you ask me, she could stand to put a little meat on her bones. But she showed us how to Get Ripped With Ripa by taking the show’s cameras along for her workout with pro trainer Anna Kaiser.

Kelly’s personal trainer started the workout with some warm up exercises. Then it was time for push ups, leg lifts, and ball exercises. Can you believe that she works out for two hours at a time? That seems excessive, but I guess it explains how she is so stick thin.

Anna Kaiser: Kelly Ripa 2 Hour Workout Burns 1200 Calories

Anna Kaiser said this workout routine would burn 1200 calories. It included a wide variety of moves and exercises, which I hope keeps things interesting. If it is any consolation to those starting new routines this year, Kelly has obviously been hitting the gym for awhile and she was struggling to keep up with her trainer’s instructions.


“Does grunting help?” Kelly wondered at one point? Anna Kaiser said that Kelly couldn’t do a single push up when she started the AKT workout. This jam packed two hours even included some dance moves, and Anna refused to let Kelly take a break.

Kelly Ripa: Anna Kaiser Technique Review

“See how cool she looks when she does it, and I look tragic?” Kelly observed. I think that’s part of what you get for working out in front of a mirror.

Anna reported that Kelly has made such progress that she constantly has to come up with new ways to challenge her and build even more strength. Anna has apparently been working with Kelly for two years, but they have yet to accomplish Kelly’s goal of increasing her bust size.

At the end of the session, Kelly literally wrung sweat out of her shirt, and Anna challenged Michael Strahan to come try the workout in person. You can watch Kelly’s routine for yourself.


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