Kelly & Michael: Kenya Moore “Booty Boot Camp” Workout Review


Kenya Moore: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

After a quick wardrobe change, Kelly and Michael returned to Live! sporting their gym clothes. They were soon joined by Kenya Moore, reality star and Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member. “You have the best butt I’ve ever seen!” Kelly told Kenya. Good thing Kenya’s new workout video is butt-themed; Kenya’s latest video is called Booty Boot Camp, and she showed Kelly and Michael all the video’s best moves.

Kenya Moore: What Is a Stallion Booty?

Kelly & Michael: Kenya Moore "Booty Boot Camp" Workout Review

“Real Housewife” Kenya Moore shared her best butt-burning moves from her new workout video, Booty Boot Camp. (Joe Seer /


Kenya’s video claims to provide women (or men) with a coveted “stallion booty.” So what is a stallion booty, exactly? Kenya explained that a stallion booty is “nice, firm, round, high and lifted.” Here’s how to achieve that perfect stallion booty!

Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp Workout Moves

Because warming up is always the important first step in a workout, Kenya, Kelly and Michael each did a set of hip circles. Then, Kenya transitioned to a series of difficult squat moves. First, she performed a traditional squat with an alternating high knee lift. Afterwards, she tried a variation with an added “curtsy lunge.” Kelly really felt the burn on those.

Later, they all got down on the floor. They started with what Kenya calls a “stiletto bridge,” which is a traditional bridge but with a pointed toe. Finally, they finished with difficult pulses on one leg.


By the end, both Kelly and Michael were really feeling the burn (so much so that Kelly even wore a fake butt). If you’d like to give some of Kenya’s moves a try for yourself, pick up Booty Boot Camp. Don’t forget that bikini season is just around the corner!


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