Kelly & Michael Gift Week: David Pogue Holiday Tech Gift Guide


Kelly & Michael Gift Week Concludes

December is upon us and Kelly & Michael’s Gift Week concluded with a great holiday tech gift guide. New York Times columnist and tech expert David Pogue showed the hosts his picks for this year’s great tech gifts. Also check out the Women’s Gift Guide, Men’s Gift Guide, Host & Hostess Gift Guide, and Holiday Toy Guide.

Google Chrome Book Review

Kelly & Michael Gift Week: David Pogue Holiday Tech Gift Guide

David Pogue from the New York Times shared his holiday tech gift guide with Kelly & Michael.

  • $250
  • David started out with some of the latest and greatest in tablets. The Google Chrome Book is more affordable than many other tablets and works great for homework or as a second laptop.

iPad 2 Review

  • From $399
  • The iPad 2 is a more expensive tablet, but David said it’s still “the gold standard.” For a smaller and slightly less expensive iPad, try the new iPad Mini.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

  • $500
  • The brand new Microsoft Surface has a kick-stand and keyboard cover. But while it runs Microsoft Office, it doesn’t run any other Windows programs.

Google Nexus Ten Tablet Review

  • $400
  • The Google Nexus Ten is similar in style to the iPad, yet $100 cheaper. However, David admitted that the apps aren’t quite as good.

Kindle Paper White Review

  • $120
  • For late night readers, the Kindle Paper White is perfect because it’s glow-in-the-dark screen allows for reading in the dark.

Barnes and Noble Nook HD Review

iPod Touch Review

  • $300
  • David suggested that parents give their teens the iPod Touch instead of a cell phone. They can still make calls and text using WiFi.

Roku LT Review

  • $50
  • The inexpensive Roku LT allows your TV to stream Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and more.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker Review

Sony ActionCam Review

PowerSkin SpareOne Phone Review

Jawbone Big Jambox Review

  • $299
  • Michael bought Kelly a Jawbone Big Jambox speaker and she uses it to turn her dressing room into a rave!

PowerTrip Review

  • $110
  • The PowerTrip is a big back-up battery that charges with solar power.

Up Band2 Review

  • $130
  • The Up Band2 is an amazing device that monitors your sleep and activity. Then, when you plug it in to your phone, you can view your personalized results.

Parrot Quadricopter Review

  • $300
  • For kids – or kids at heart – the Parrot Quadricopter is a super cool toy that flies via controls on your phone.



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