Kelly & Michael: Dr. Ian Smith “Shred: The Revolutionary Diet” Review


Dr. Ian Smith: Shred: the Revolutionary Diet

Struggling to find the perfect diet? Looking to lose those last 30 pounds? If you’re working hard to lose weight and get healthy this year, you may need a bit of help from Dr. Ian Smith. The best-selling author and television personality has created the “Shred” diet for people whose own diets are failing them. This popular new program is detailed in Dr. Ian’s book Shred: The Revolutionary Diet.

Losing weight is never easy, but Dr. Smith believes that it’s not only possible, but simple, with the help of his program. He joined Kelly and Michael in the kitchen to share some of the best weight-loss tips from Shred: The Revolutionary Diet. 


Kelly & Michael: Dr. Ian Smith "Shred: The Revolutionary Diet" Review

Kelly & Michael learned more about Shred: The Revolutionary Diet from author Dr. Ian Smith.

Meal Spacing

Dr. Smith believes that you should eat more, not less, while dieting. The key is meal spacing between four small meals and three snacks each day. For breakfast, try an egg-white omelette with fresh veggies and a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch. Smart, strategic snacking throughout the day will help prevent weight gain. Try berries, black bean salsa with zucchini or even Kelly’s favorite, Goldfish. Dr. Smith also suggests creating fresh smoothies with berries and other fruits.

Confuse Your Diet

It’s important not to eat the same things throughout your diet, because you’ll soon get bored and face the temptation to cheat. Mix things up by alternating between fresh, healthy meals like salmon with brown rice or oatmeal with bananas and apples. It’s also important to never skip meals, something that many people are guilty of.


Don’t Eliminate Foods

Don’t completely eliminate foods, even foods like pizza or pancakes and bacon. Instead, eat these foods in moderation and try to maintain a healthy balance. Instead of eating four slices of pizza, eat two slices with a salad on the side. By balancing your diet and still eating the things you love, you can still lose weight.


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