CES 2014: InMotion SCV, MakerBot + Samsung 65″ Curved UHD TV Review


Kelly and Michael: Consumer Electronics Show 2014

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show featured the latest in gadgets and new technology. Kelly & Michael turned to Mashable editor Lance Ulanoff for a look at some of the year’s most intriguing innovations, like the MakerBot Replicator 2, Voyce dog collar, a Samsung 65″ Curved UHD TV review, and much more.

Kelly & Michael: InMotion SCV Review

Ulanoff came onstage riding an InMotion SCV, a lighter and easier to use alternative to the Segway personal mobility device. It gets 18 miles on a charge, is self-balancing, and weighs only 35 pounds.


Kelly and Michael: Samsung 65″ Curved UHD TV Review

CES 2014: InMotion SCV, MakerBot + Samsung 65" Curved UHD TV Review

Curves are a tech trend for 2014. See the flexible LG G Flex phone and get a Samsung 65″ Curved UHD TV review from the Mashable editor on Kelly & Michael. (Kobby Dagan / Shutterstock.com)

Lance also showed the hosts a new Samsung 65″ Curved UHD TV, “because 4K and curves are the future.” Curved screens prevent glare, and 4K content has four times the resolution of high definition.

Kelly & Michael: MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer Review

Toys, logos, shoes and pretty much anything you can imagine could be printed using the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer. What do you think you would print if you had technology like this?


It also has many practical medical applications, and the products are biodegradable. You could have one of these printers in your home if you have an extra couple thousand dollars.

Kelly and Michael: LG G Flex Review

Do you want a cell phone that can bend? Check out the upcoming LG G Flex, which fits to your face and will be available from Sprint.

Kelly & Michael: Myris EyeLock Review

The Myris EyeLock protects your computer and data, unlocking it by recognizing your irises. That sounds like a good idea, but it did not work on live television, which makes me think you might not want to trust it to secure your phone. It’s the same reason I don’t use facial recognition to secure my cell phone.

Kelly and Michael: Voyce Dog Collar Review

Did you know that dogs have many health problems in common with humans? The new Voyce dog collar is synced to an app that keeps track of your dog’s vital statistics, helping you to better monitor your pet’s health.

Kelly & Michael: Winbot Review

Next up was the Winbot by Ecovacs Robotics, a robot which will clean your windows. Kelly Ripa blamed the Live! studio for disrupting these electronics, which were not cooperating.

Kelly and Michael: Lumo Lift Review

How is your posture? The Lumo Lift is a new gadget synced to an app that helps you remember to stand up straight. It will give you a buzz when you are starting to slouch.

Kelly & Michael: Tao Wellness Review

You can exercise and have fun with the Tao Wellness application that gives you exercise as you play a game. That sounds like fun!

Kelly and Michael: Skulpt Review

Skulpt is a new device that can read your muscle quality and body fat percentage. This could help you monitor and track your fitness goals.

Kelly & Michael: Sleep Number x12 Bed Review

The latest Sleep Number x12 Bed, powered by Sleep IQ technology, senses the quality of your sleep. It vibrates and can also adjust to prevent your partner’s snoring. It costs about $7,000, but it could be worth it for a better night’s sleep.


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