Owl City & Jeremy Irons: Kelly & Michael September 12 2012 Preview


Kelly & Michael September 12 2012 Preview

Want to know what’s coming up on Kelly & Michael September 12 2012? Check out the guests who are scheduled for the Wednesday episode, part of Live’s Cutest Kid Search Week. The co-hosts are chatting with Jeremy Irons from the new movie The Words and hosting a performance by Owl City. (I think the show has run out of champion tennis players to bring on, so Travel Trivia might even return tomorrow.)

Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Irons Interview

Jeremy Irons: Kelly & Michael September 12 2012 Preview

From 'The Words,' actor Jeremy Irons joins Kelly & Michael September 12 2012. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Jeremy Irons is an accomplished British actor known for his memorable stage and screen work. Some of his best remembered film roles include Dead Ringers, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Lion King, and Kingdom of Heaven.

For his latest project, he is teaming with some famous names in front of the camera and virtual unknowns behind it. The new movie The Words, in theaters now, co-stars Dennis Quaid and Olivia Wilde, who also promoted the film with Kelly and Michael September 12 2012.

Get this seasoned performer’s perspective on a film that Olivia said is from first-time writers and directors. The Words is the story of a man who finds a manuscript and publishes it as his own. Complications of course ensue.


Live’s Cutest Kid Search Week: Modeling Shoot

This week, Kelly and Michael announced the finalists for their Cutest Kid Search, in both the children and babies categories. The families were whisked to New York City, and they are taking part in a modeling shoot. The Live! audience will get a chance to go behind the scenes of the photo shoot on the Wednesday, September 12 2012 episode. Think about how hard it is to get a toddler to sit still, multiply that by six, and tune in to laugh at these hapless photographers.

Kelly & Michael: Owl City Live Performance

Owl City burst on the scene a few years back with that infectious synth pop hit “Fireflies.” Now the electronic pop artist is back with another new song that’s getting people’s toes tapping. He will perform the single “Good Time” for Kelly and Michael as part of their fall concert series.

Despite the fact that Carly Rae Jepsen makes a guest appearance on the single, it’s unlikely she’ll be turning up for the morning show, but the performance should still be interesting. Catch Owl City on Kelly & Michael September 12 2012.


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