Live With Kelly: Michelle Obama and Bryant Gumbel


Live With Kelly: Michelle Obama Interview

Tune in on Monday, June 18 2012, for a very special “Live With Kelly,” when First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama sits down for an interview with the hosts.

Michelle Obama: Live With Kelly June 18 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama will visit Live With Kelly June 18 2012, with guest co-host Bryant Gumbel.


Mrs. Obama was, of course, became First Lady when her husband, Barack Obama, was elected President in 2008. Since that time, Mrs. Obama has worked endlessly to promote better health for all Americans, but in particular, she hopes to one day end childhood obesity.

She has recently released a book entitled American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America, which she will chat about with Kelly Ripa. Mrs. Obama and the President have two daughters, Malia and Sasha, and a dog, Bo.

Live With Kelly: Marc Forgione

In keeping with the theme of good health, “Iron Chef” Marc Forgione will also appear, working to create a healthy meal on the spot that everyone in your family can enjoy.


Live With Kelly: Bryant Gumbel Co-Host

Joining Kelly for her special interview with the First Lady will be TV sportscaster and broadcast journalist Bryant Gumbel, former host of “The Today Show.” Bryant has worked in television for forty years, so he is just the man for the job of co-interviewing such an important political figure!


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