Live With Kelly: Matthew McConaughey, Ashanti, & Sonya Fitzpatrick


Kelly Ripa: Matthew McConaughey “Magic Mike” Interview

Matthew McConaughey has been a popular leading man in Hollywood for years, but did you ever think you would be able to see him give a lap dance? In the upcoming Steven Soderbergh film Magic Mike, Matthew plays a veteran male stripper named Dallas. Tune in to Live With Kelly June 29 2012 to see Matthew discuss his wild new role with the hosts. A congratulations will be in order for Matthew, who just married his long-time girlfriend, Camila Alves. The couple have two children, Levi and Vida.

Kelly Ripa: Grilling with the Stars with Ashanti

Matthew McConaughey: Live With Kelly June 29 2012 Preview

Matthew McConaughey from "Magic Mike" will appear on "Live With Kelly" June 29 2012. (cinemafestival /


Grilling with the Stars is a popular “Live” summer segment that finds celebrities going head-to-head with their favorite recipes. At the end of the summer, one winner will be chosen, and $25,000 will go to the charity of his or her choice! Not to mention the highly coveted golden trophy.

On Live With Kelly June 29 2012, the hosts will welcome singer and actress Ashanti. Releasing her debut album back in 2002, Ashanti has broken records with her hit songs such as “Foolish” and “Always on Time.” She has also acted in both film and television. Make sure to catch Ashanti tomorrow, when she heads behind the grill to teach the hosts one of her favorite recipes.

Kelly Ripa: Sonya Fitzpatrick on Psychic Week

Psychic Week continues tomorrow with pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick. If you’ve ever wondered what your pamered pooch or favorite kitty might be trying to tell you, make sure to tune in tomorrow for Sonya’s tips. Kelly’s dog, Chuy, will even be making an appearance!


Live With Kelly June 29 2012: Michael Strahan Co-Hosts

For the third time in a row, one of “Live’s” favorite guest co-hosts, football analyst Michael Strahan, will be appearing alongside Kelly Ripa to share hosting duties. Who knows– maybe we’ll be treated to another surprise strip tease! See for yourself on Live With Kelly June 29 2012.


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