Live With Kelly: Jimmy Fallon, Kris Allen, and L.A. Reid Co-Hosts


Live With Kelly: Jimmy Fallon Interview

On Tuesday, Live With Kelly will welcome “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” host Jimmy Fallon. In addition to hosting his own hit late night show and being one of America’s favorite comedians, Jimmy is releasing a new book based on one of his most popular sketches, Thank You Notes 2.

Kelly Ripa: Kris Allen Performs

Kris Allen was the Season 8 winner of “American Idol.” Tomorrow, he will perform a song on Live With Kelly. Kris’ self-titled debut album was released in 2009, and he is releasing his second album, Thank You Camelia, out tomorrow.


Live With Kelly L.A. Reid

L.A. Reid will co-host Live With Kelly on May 22, 2012 with Jimmy Fallon and Kris Allen, (Image Credit: s_bukley /

Live With Kelly: L.A. Reid Co-Hosts

L.A. Reid is currently one of the hosts of “X Factor.” He is a record executive and record producer, also well known for co-founding LaFace records and winning three Grammy awards. L.A. will discuss all of the day’s latest news with Kelly.


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