Live With Kelly: Cameron Diaz, Stephen Colbert, & Joel McHale


Kelly Ripa: Cameron Diaz “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” Interview

The beautiful Cameron Diaz has been one of America’s favorite movie stars for years, ever since her breakout role in 1994’s The Mask. From There’s Something About Mary, to the Charlie’s Angels films, to more dramatic turns like in Gangs of New York, she can do it all; there’s just something about Cameron!

Cameron Diaz: Live With Kelly June 22 2012 Preview

Cameron Diaz will appear on "Live With Kelly" June 22 2012 to discuss "What to Expect When You're Expecting." (Helga Esteb /


What to Expect When You’re Expecting may be the best-selling pregnancy book that all parents-to-be rely on, but it’s also the title of Cameron’s new movie. The ensemble comedy also stars Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Morrison, Elizabeth Banks, and Rodrigo Santoro, just to name a few. Tune in tomorrow to see a recent chat that Cameron had with the hosts about the film, which was released last month.

Kelly Ripa: Stephen Colbert “The Colbert Report” Interview

The hilarious satirist Stephen Colbert has been the host of his own tongue-in-cheek political news program, “The Colbert Report,” since 2005. He is also a best-selling author, known for his unusually funny take on American and World Politics. Tomorrow, tune in to see a recent interview that Stephen gave with the hosts on “Live With Kelly.” As always, it’s sure to be a funny one!

Live With Kelly: Co-Host Joel McHale

Joel McHale recently co-hosted “Live,” and tomorrow he’s back in the co-host seat once again. Joel is the very funny host of “The Soup” on the E! Channel and is the star of NBC’s “Community.” The “Community” cast recently celebrated a big win at the Television Critic’s Choice Awards. Tune it tomorrow to check out Joel and Kelly discussing all of the day’s latest news and stories.



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