Live With Kelly August 10: Hawaiian Dream Wedding & Co-Host Mark Consuelos


Kelly Ripa: Hawaiian Dream Wedding Ceremony

“Live with Kelly” August 10 is all about love. On Friday’s show, we will re-visit the beautiful wedding ceremony between Eileen Bellew and Kevin Houston. Eileen and Kevin were the winners of “Live’s” Hawaiian Dream Wedding Giveaway, when both Kelly and viewers alike were touched by their story of an unexpected second chance at love.

Hawaiian Dream Wedding: Live With Kelly August 10 2012 Preview

Re-Live the Hawaiian Dream Wedding on "Live With Kelly" August 10 2012.


Eileen tragically lost her firefighter husband, John, in a fire in 2005. In 2009, Kevin lost his wife, Elizabeth, to a rare auto-immune disease. After giving up on love and happiness, Eileen and Kevin now believe that it was their lost loved ones who brought them together.

Tune in on “Live With Kelly” August 10 to see Eileen and Kevin’s dreams come true, when they tie the knot at Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa on the island of Oahu.

Kelly Ripa: Colbie Caillat Performance

Grammy-nominated Colbie Caillat is a talented singer-songwriter originally from Southern California. She is known for her many hit songs, including “Bubbly” and “Realize.” On “Live With Kelly” August 10, Colbie will perform her song, “Falling for You,” for the Bride and Groom at their dream wedding in paradise.


Live With Kelly: Mark Consuelos Guest Co-Hosts

Who better to co-host at a dream wedding than Kelly’s own husband, actor Mark Consuelos? Mark and Kelly will host “Live With Kelly” August 10, as guests of the wedding between Eileen and Kevin.

Live With Kelly: Watch to Win Keyword

If you’d like the chance to vacation at Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa (and who wouldn’t?), then tune in on “Live With Kelly” August 10 for your last chance to enter the Watch to Win Keyword on Kelly’s site.


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