Liam Hemsworth + Miley Cyrus Wedding & Jason Sudeikis Leaves SNL


Live! with Kelly & Michael August 5 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: This episode of Live! with Kelly & Michael has aired…

On Monday August 5 2013, Kelly Ripa takes some time off to let Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts co-host with Michael Strahan. Roberts and Strahan sounds like an epic buddy cop duo, doesn’t it? They interview Paranoia star and Miley Cyrus’ fiance, Liam Hemsworth. Also, from We’re the Millers, actor Jason Sudeikis is stopping by. Want to know what these guys have in common? Keep reading.


Liam Hemsworth + Miley Cyrus Wedding & Jason Sudeikis Leaves SNL

Live! with Kelly & Michael August 5 2013 features guest co-host Robin Roberts and interviews with Liam Hemsworth and Jason Sudeikis. (Helga Esteb /

Will Liam Hemsworth Marry Miley Cyrus?

The Hemsworth Brothers share a special place in our hearts. Chris Hemsworth is Thor, an Avenger that could sweep me off my feet any day. Liam Hemsworth is not only a huge name right now for his starring role in The Hunger Games saga, but for his tumultuous relationship with Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus is my girl. She would replace Suri Cruise as my spirit animal if she would stop making out with inanimate objects and make a twerking exercise video. Instead, Miley is tied to Liam. Until recently, it seemed the Miley Cyrus would bring Liam Hemsworth down, acting as a ferocious ball and chain. Now it looks more like Hemsworth is holding Miley back. Miley’s little sister Noah revealed that the two have no wedding plans yet and Liam keeps jetting off to Australia. Does he really want to get married?


How do you feel about Miley and Liam? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

Jason Sudeikis: We’re the Millers

So, you were wondering what Jason Sudeikis has in common with Liam Hemsworth? Well, it’s their engagements to women that are arguably much more famous than they are at the moment. Olivia Wilde, who used to be a real Princess of a real country, is now engaged to Sudeikis.

Now that Sudeikis is leaving Saturday Night Live, the chances of him upstaging his soon-to-be-wife are high. He could be one of those boy-next-door, surprising hunks. He’s kind of like your best friend’s older brother that you always had a thing for. But I digress. Sudeikis is starring as a drug dealer in We’re the Millers. Here’s your daily lesson, ladies: if your best friend’s older brother is a drug dealer, rethink that crush. You’re welcome.

Check here on August 5 2013 for the interviews and more!


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