Kelly & Michael: Viola Davis HTGAWM + Joanne Froggatt ‘Downton Abbey’


Kelly & Michael: January 29 2015

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Kelly & Michael: Joanne Froggatt Costume + ‘Downton Abbey’

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Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are going to have a really fun day on January 29 2015. It looks like Viola Davis, who just won a SAG Award, will be coming to talk to Kelly & Michael about what’s been going on on her show How to Get Away With Murder, which I am very excited about. Then Joanne Froggatt will come by to talk to Kelly & Michael about Downtown Abbey, which should be a lot of fun. Finally, Katherine Jenkins was going to perform on January 29 2015, but since they canceled the show on January 27 2015, things got a little rescheduled this week. They might have someone else instead. In fact, they might be going to January 28’s schedule and have Tony Goldwyn and the winner of the Miss Universe pageant come by.


Kelly & Michael: Viola Davis 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Viola Davis will talk to Kelly & Michael about ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’ (s_bukley /

Kelly & Michael: Viola Davis ‘How To Get Away with Murder’

Viola Davis will be coming by the show to sit down and talk to Kelly & Michael about her show How to Get Away With Murder, which is a Shonda Rhimes series about a law school class, but at the same time they’re solving their very own murder case.

Rhimes’ shows are always amazing, and How to Get Away with Murder is just as dramatic, suspenseful, and exciting. And Davis is absolutely amazing in the show. She’s obviously really talented, and she’s just perfect in this part. She absolutely makes the show what it is. Davis actually just won a SAG Award for the show and gave a really amazing speech at the SAG Awards. How to Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays on ABC. I’m definitely excited for this interview.

Kelly & Michael: Joanne Froggatt ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5

Then, Joanne Froggatt will be coming by the show to sit down and talk to a bit about her show Downton Abbey with Kelly & Michael. I’m not caught up on Downton Abbey, but I’ve really liked what I’ve seen so far and am definitely interested in hearing what I’ve been missing. I really like the show and Froggatt is obviously really talented. It should be a really fun interview. I can’t believe they’re up to season 5 already. I’m really excited to hear what’s coming up on Downton Abbey and Forggatt’s take on it. Downton Abbey airs on Sundays on PBS. It should be a really interesting interview.


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