Kelly + Michael: Ty Burrell Mr Peabody & Sherman + Scott Foley Scandal


Kelly & Michael March 6 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Kelly and Michael are having fun this Thursday morning with visits from TV stars Ty Burrell and Scott Foley, who both have popular shows on the air right now. Plus, Burrell is lending his voice to a new movie that will give baby boomers something to be nostalgic about. Here’s a preview of what will be discussed on Thursday, March 6 2014 during a brand new show.


Kelly and Michael: Ty Burrell Mr Peabody & Sherman

Kelly + Michael: Ty Burrell Mr Peabody & Sherman + Scott Foley Scandal

Ty Burrell from the DreamWorks film Mr Peabody & Sherman (and Modern Family) is hanging out with Kelly & Michael on Thursday, March 6. (s_bukley /

Ty Burrell is best known as the caring but sometimes bumbling father, Phil Dunphy, on the Emmy-winning sitcom Modern Family, which can now be seen almost every night on television. New episodes of the show’s fifth season air Wednesday nights on ABC.

Burrell is lending his vocal talents to the title role of Mr Peabody in the new DreamWorks film Mr Peabody & Sherman. This film is based on a series of cartoon shorts from the 1960s, which were part of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.


The premise is that Mr Peabody is a highly intelligent dog who has adopted a young boy, Sherman. Together, they are able to travel through time and right the wrongs of history using the WABAC machine. The movie is coming to theaters March 7, and we’ll get a preview of the film from Ty Burrell this Thursday on Kelly & Michael’s show.

Kelly & Michael: Scott Foley Scandal

Scandal is one of the hottest shows in prime time this year, and the cast includes Scott Foley, whom I will forever associate with Felicity. But there are plenty of spectacular plot twists and unexpected surprises to be had for audiences, who breathlessly follow the show on social media each week.

Foley might have some good gossip to share about what’s in store for the characters on this season’s episodes. Be sure to tune in and find out what it’s like working with such a talented cast and crew, including the stunning Kerry Washington.

Scott Foley’s interview with Kelly & Michael can be seen Thursday, March 6.


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