Kelly & Michael: Sir Ian McKellen Broadway + Adewale in Pompeii


Kelly & Michael February 14 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Spend Valentine’s Day with Kelly and Michael, who are always there for you year-round. They are wrapping up End Winter Now Week with visits from Sir Ian McKellen, Adewale, and a women’s swimwear fashion show on Friday, February 14. Are you ready?


Kelly and Michael: Sir Ian McKellen Broadway

Kelly & Michael: Sir Ian McKellen Broadway + Adewale in Pompeii

Kelly and Michael are getting an audience with Sir Ian McKellen for the February 14 episode, which also features Adewale and women’s swimsuit fashions. (Featureflash /

Sir Ian McKellen is part of a cast currently performing two plays in repertory on Broadway. The productions are No Man’s Land and Waiting for Godot. The acting legend’s co-star, Patrick Stewart, was recently on the show to talk about this, and it should be interested to get another perspective on their lasting friendship.

What is the last great play you got to see? Check out McKellen’s visit to Live this Friday morning.


Kelly & Michael: Adewale in Pompeii

TV fans know Adewale very well from his pivotal roles in complex television series such as Oz and Lost. He has also built up an impressive film resume, with credits including The Bourne Identity, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and now Pompeii, in which he will star as Atticus.

Find out why the actor is excited for us to see his latest work when he chats with Kelly and Michael on Friday, February 14. They will probably also ask him if he has any plans for Valentine’s Day.

Kelly and Michael: End Winter Now Women’s Swimsuits

All week, Kelly and Michael have been trying in vain to End Winter Now. Even though they did not succeed, their efforts have at least been entertaining. After inviting Lawrence Zarian to showcase some men’s swimwear fashion trends for 2014, the hosts will have him back to wrap up the week with some women’s swimwear that could be coming to a beach or pool near you this summer.

If anything, their sun dance only made things worse, as another massive storm has dumped snow on New York City after traveling up the East Coast. This has certainly been an intense winter for most of the country, and I for one am eagerly awaiting spring’s arrival.


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