Kelly & Michael September 18 Preview: Mitt & Ann Romney Interview


Kelly & Michael: Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney & Ann Romney

Romneys Live September 18

Governor Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, will appear on Live with Kelly & Michael September 18.

The 2012 Presidential Election is just weeks away, but have you decided who will win your vote? On Tuesday, September 18, Live with Kelly & Michaelwill receive a very special visit from Republican Presidential nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, and his wife, Ann Romney.


The Romneys reside in Michigan, and have been married for an amazing 43 years. The couple have five sons (who are also active campaigners). Spend your morning getting to know Governor Mitt Romney and Mrs. Ann Romney when they both take a much-needed break from campaigning on the road and join Kelly & Michael September 18 to talk politics, family, and much more. This will be the Romneys’ first appearance on a daytime talk show during the 2012 Presidential campaign.

Kelly & Michael: Kelsey Grammer “Boss” Interview

Kelsey Grammer is an American actor and comedian best known for his iconic television role of psychiatrist Dr Frasier Crane. Kelsey has appeared on three different hit sitcoms as Frasier: Cheers, Wings, and his very own show, Frasier. Kelsey is a five-time Emmy Award winner and three-time Golden Globe winner.

Now, the prolific and talented television actor is known for his role as fictional mayor of Chicago Tom Kane on the acclaimed Starz series Boss. The show is currently in its second season, and also stars Connie Nielsen, Hannah Ware, Sanaa Lathan and Jonathan Groff. To learn more about the new season of Kelsey’s hit series, don’t miss his appearance with Kelly & Michael September 18.



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