Kelly & Michael: Robert Wagner Memoir + Kyle MacLachlan Believe


Kelly and Michael March 11 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

This Tuesday, Kelly & Michael are looking back on some familiar Hollywood faces who are tackling new challenges. The guest list includes Robert Wagner and Kyle MacLachlan. Also on March 11, the show’s Search for Unstoppable Moms week continues.


Kelly & Michael: Robert Wagner Memoir

Kelly & Michael: Robert Wagner Memoir + Kyle MacLachlan Believe

Robert Wagner is reflecting on Hollywood in a new book, You Must Remember This, which he will discuss with Kelly & Michael on the March 11 episode. (RoidRanger /

Robert Wagner has been an actor for decades, and he is known for starring roles in TV series like It Takes a Thief and Hart to Hart. More recently, he has been seen in recurring guest roles on series like Two and a Half Men and NCIS.

Now, at age 84, he is telling the remarkable tale of his life and career in Hollywood. The memoir is called You Must Remember This: The Life and Style in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Though he told his own story in a previous volume, this time Wagner offers his firsthand perspective on the culture and times of Hollywood in some of its most famous times.


The star will be regaling Kelly and Michael with his memories during their show on Tuesday, March 11.

Kelly and Michael: Kyle MacLachlan Believe

Kyle MacLachlan is known for roles in the cult hit Twin Peaks and countless movie roles. He has also been popping up on series like Desperate Housewives, Portlandia, and How I Met Your Mother. Now he is back in the lead on a new series called Believe, which is debuting on NBC.

The series chronicles a young girl who has remarkable powers and must be protected. Find out what MacLachlan thinks about the story, and who his character is as part of the show’s world, when he talks with Kelly and Michael on Tuesday morning.

Kelly & Michael: Search for Unstoppable Moms

All this week, the hosts are meeting the finalists in Live’s Search for Unstoppable Moms. The contest is down to its final four participants, and the winner will be announced on Friday. Meet another deserving mom during the March 11 show, and don’t forget to vote on Live’s official website.


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