Kelly & Michael: Oscars Recap, Chelsea Handler + American Idol Kristen


Kelly & Michael March 4 2014: Oscars Recap

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Can you believe March is already here? This new month means new episodes from Kelly & Michael, who will be talking with Chelsea Handler and the latest contestant voted off American Idol. Here’s what’s coming up on Tuesday, March 4, when Kelly and Michael return to New York City with an Oscars Recap.


Kelly and Michael: Chelsea Handler Uganda Be Kidding Me

Kelly & Michael: Oscars Recap, Chelsea Handler + American Idol Kristen

Kelly & Michael will share their Oscars recap of a busy weekend before interviewing author and TV host Chelsea Handler on March, 4; American Idol’s Kristen. (Featureflash /

Chelsea Handler is a bestselling author and late night talk show host. Her E! series has been running for several years and is a great showcase for the standup comedy world. Now Chelsea has published yet another book, and she is going on tour to promote it with more of her own standup, which she has not done in a few years.

The latest book, about her adventures and mishaps while traveling the world, is called Uganda Be Kidding Me, and it is in stores the same day that Chelsea will turn up on Kelly & Michael’s show, this Tuesday, March 4.


You’re probably going to be seeing her popping up on a lot of talk shows as a guest in the next week, and she is probably coming to a city near you on her standup tour. Of course, most nights you can find her hosting her own show, but this week she has guest hosts filling in for her while she travels.

Kelly & Michael: Kristen O’Connor American Idol

American Idol has shaken up its format and the set for its current season, and the competition has already advanced, with dozens being whittled from the pack and a short list of finalists who will be competing now through May.

The most recent vocalist to be removed from the competition was Kristen O’Connor, and she will be visiting Kelly & Michael to talk about her time on the show this Tuesday, March 4.

It is also the hosts’ first day back in New York since their big weekend at the Academy Awards, so they should have plenty of stories and gossip about what you did not see on TV! Don’t miss their Oscars recap.


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