Kelly & Michael: Laura Linney The Big C & Michael Buble Beautiful Day


Live With Kelly & Michael April 25 2013 Preview

Recapo update: The recaps for this episode are now available…

On April 25 2013, Kelly and Michael are catching up with the star of The Big C, Laura Linney. Then, Michael Buble is performing a song from his new album, “To Be Loved.” Also, we get to see how A.J. Clemente did on his trip to the Love Is All You Need red carpet.


Kelly & Michael: Laura Linney

“I’m Laura Linney, and this is Masterpiece Classic.”

Que the Downton Abbey theme song because Laura Linney is here to bring some classy British television to your day. Although she is not the star of Downton who could overlook her traditional introduction to the PBS series?

Kelly & Michael: Laura Linney The Big C & Michael Buble Beautiful Day

On April 25 2013, Kelly and Michael speak with Laura Linney, star of The Big C on Showtime. Then, Michael Buble performs “It’s A Beautiful Day.” (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /


Laura Linney is also the star of the Showtime series, The Big CThe show follows Cathy Jamison (Linney), a suburban housewife who is diagnosed with melanoma. She begins to live a freer life and explore all of her possiblities. She doesn’t let things get her down and she undergoes a treatment in order to live. The fourth and final season airs on Showtime on Monday at 10 p.m.

Kelly & Michael: Michael Buble Performs

When Michael Buble sings it’s unlike anything else. He’s a crooner, a belter and the smoothest thing since Cool Whip. Buble has been the soundtrack to movies, first dances, high school proms and other special occasions. It’s no surprise he is the a suave and debonair character.

Michael Buble’s new song, “It’s A Beautiful Day,” is a breakup/revenge song. The music video is absolutely hilarious. Jamie Pressly plays Buble’s girlfriend who he finds cheating on him with the guy from the GoDaddy makeout commercial. He walks out the front door and into a wild world full of the other fish in the sea. He sings about how relieved he is that he is done with this woman. He can’t stop smiling and buying drinks for everyone because she’s out of his life.

“I’m glad that you’re the one that got away,” he sings. Such a great line. The song is his usual big band and pop music blend which mixes well with his old fashioned voice. The giant explosions at the end only help make the point that this relationship is so yesterday.

Kelly & Michael: A.J. Clemente Red Carpet Challenge

On April 24, Kelly Ripa challenged A.J. Clemente to redeem himself. He cursed like a sailor on air in a newscast in North Dakota and was promptly canned. Kelly loves A.J. Clemente and wants him to be a success. He’s going to show footage from his trip to the Love is All You Need red carpet.


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