Kelly & Michael: Kate Hudson, Christina Hendricks & 2013 NFL Draft


Kelly & Michael April 23 2013 Preview

Recapo update: The recaps for this episode are now available…

On April 23 2013, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan will interview two movie star women and one star from the NFL. Kate Hudson is talking about her new role and hair color in The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Christina Hendricks reveals secrets from the new season of Mad Men. Then, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell talks to Michael about the changes to the NFL draft.


On April 23 2013, Kate Hudson is talking about her dramatic role in The Reluctant Fundamentalist. (Image Credit: ChinellatoPhoto /

On Live with Kelly & Michael on April 23 2013, Kate Hudson is talking about her dramatic role in The Reluctant Fundamentalist. (Image Credit: ChinellatoPhoto /

Kelly & Michael: Kate Hudson The Reluctant Fundamentalist

In The Reluctant Fundamentalista Pakistani man is trying to climb the corporate ladder but finds himself caught in the conflict between his home, the American Dream and a hostage crisis. This is a sharp contrast to the films we normally associate with Kate Hudson. These being romantic comedies with Matthew McConaughey.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist comes to select theaters on April 26 2013.


Kelly & Michael: Christina Hendricks in How to Catch a Monster

The voluptuous Christina Hendricks stops by Live! on April 23. She’s starring in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, How To Catch A Monster. She said the role is her biggest yet and it’s been giving her major anxiety. The film is currently slotted for release 2014.

Hendricks said that she doesn’t feel famous. Even though she has been praised for her role on Mad Men, she still leads a normal life.

Kelly & Michael: Roger Goodell & 2013 NFL Draft

The NFL draft is undergoing changes in 2013. While fans might be anxiously waiting by their twitter to receive the latest on the draft, they would do much better to check ESPN. NFL commissioner Roger Goddell announced that ESPN and the NFL Network will have all the coverage you need, but they will not tweet the picks before Goddell announces them.

Michael and Kelly will talk to Goodell on April 23 about his decision and what this means for coverage of the 2013 NFL draft.


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